Friday, December 9, 2016


What if he couldn't decide whether or not to go into his office?

Or the elevator?

How would he know when to order new equipment?

It would be extremely difficult to keep the offices nice & clean

Although he'd probably keep himself clean & presentable

He'd spend a lot of time alone in his office

I don't think he'd get along all that well with his staff


Meetings would be awkward

As would business trips

Can you imagine the problems his accountant would have?

And there would undoubtedly be special emergencies
(All pictures obviously from THE ADVENTURES OF BUSINESS CAT)

I'm so glad I'm not a fishkitty!!----fishducky


Thursday, December 8, 2016


I've had many things said to me over the years, but I don't recall ever hearing these:

Mugger (while giving back purse)/How do you find anything in here?

Doctor/Keep smoking—it’s good for you.

Mammogram tech/This won’t hurt at all.  It’s designed by a woman.

Traffic cop/No, I didn’t see you blow that stop sign.  I just pulled you over because you were so pretty.

Contractor/I finished all my remodeling jobs on or before their due date.

Art dealer/I want to buy every single one of your paintings.

Waiter/As a matter of fact, I did spit into your food.  Why do you ask?

Car salesman/As you know, I’m sworn to tell the truth.

Exterminator/I’m afraid of bugs.

Passport photographer/Everybody loves my work.

House painter/I just knew you’d love all your walls in red.

Tailor/Are you sure you want these seams let out instead of taken in?

Dance partner/Please don’t apologize.  I love it when you step on my feet.

Lobster/I don’t mind baths—the hotter the better.

My kids/Mommy, would you like some peace & quiet?

Golf instructor/You have the perfect swing.

Tiger/Of course you can pet me.  I promise I won’t bite.

Mechanic/The final bill on your car repairs came to $137.80 less than the estimate.

Opposition’s attorney/I’m sorry, Your Honor, my client must have lied.

God/You are perfection incarnate.

Two things I thought I'd never hear, but I did:

1. A Bank of America manager to a teller about us/Give them anything they want

We had a great relationship with our local B of A manager.  We were out of the area & stopped in another branch to cash a large check.  We did not have the proper identification.  Bud told them to call our manager & said that he would tell them to give us anything we want.  We could see the manager making the phone call & start to laugh.  He said our manager said to give us anything we want--so he did!!

2. My doctor/don’t lose any more weight

I've always had a problem with my weight but I lost pounds rapidly on the liquid protein diet.  I wanted to lose a couple more pounds so my actual weight would match the weight on my driver’s license.

My husband/Marrying you was the smartest thing I’ve ever done----fishducky


Wednesday, December 7, 2016


(This was sent to me by my Ducky, Carole, to whom I am grateful!!)

This info is unbelievable & incredible
to say the least.

What Your Body Does in a Day: 

Sometimes you may feel like your body is
beginning to creak and fail you on the outside,
but do you ever stop to consider the
incredible work that is taking place inside of it?
There is so much going on and everything
fits together so well,
that it's almost impossible to comprehend it.
This presentation will remind you
that there are miracles going on inside
your body every single day.

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