Friday, July 22, 2016


Some gifs from BuzzFeed to make you drool:

1. Just look at the rise and fall of these cookies as they bake.

2. And this cake, spinning as it’s drizzled so smoothly in icing.

3. This seamless spiral of a soon-to-be giant macaroon.

4. This icing stopping at just the right moment.

5. This piping is the thing dreams are made of.

6. This bread is positively rising to the heavens.

7. And this icing, swirling to the top!

8. Just watch that satisfying slicing of cookie dough.

9. This glaze is setting unrealistic beauty standards.

10. As is the golden toastiness of this s’more.

11. This spiral of icing is hypnotizing.

12. This filigree is just so mesmerizing.

13. This cake, this cake is spinning toward smoothness.

14. As is this one. Look at that frosting go.

15. Behold this braided bread that looks so delicate and yet so sturdy.

16. The glorious expansion of this dough.

But don't overdo it:

Wouldn't it be great if pizza could make you skinny?----fishducky


Thursday, July 21, 2016


She probably shouldn't have worn this dress to the awards while it was molting:

This is a duck billed platypus.
I've always thought they were one of God's experiments gone wrong.
Their babies are not called cubs, pups or kittens; they are merely baby platypus.
The plural is not platypi or platypuses; it is platypodes.

BuzzFeed found these others for me:

This is a pangolin; not an artichoke:

A fossa; sort of a cat/bear hybrid:

Lilac-Breasted Roller, which looks like it lives in children's coloring books:

An ocean dweller, the glaucus atlanticus:

The jerboa, which looks like a gerbil on tiny stilts:

This is a dumbo octopus--I kid you not:

A goblin shark; which I think is well-named:

A hummingbird hawk-moth:

A desert rain frog.  No, it doesn't have a skin condition:

The mantis shrimp, or a prop from The Little Mermaid?:

The okapi; part deer, part zebra:

The gerenuk; a giraffalope:

The pink fairy armadillo or a press-on nail?:

 The chevrotain, who looks like he borrowed someone else's head & legs,
or else ate too much:

And finally the shoebill, or something out of a Disney film:

These dogs aren't weird; they just forgot how to sofa:


I’m suffering from a severe non-linear waterfowl issue; I don't have all my ducks in a row----fishducky