Wednesday, November 14, 2012


TV can be very educational.  If i hadn't watched TV, I'd never have known that:

--There will always be a parking spot directly in front of any building you want to visit.

--If you are alone & surrounded by a group of ninjas intent on taking you down with martial arts, they will patiently wait their turn & attack you one at a time.

--It takes too long for lab tests to be completed, unless you are at NCIS.

--Cuts & contusions heal in a few minutes.  Broken bones may take an hour.

--Streets are wet & shiny at night even if it hasn't rained.

--Doctors must wear stethoscopes at all times so people will know they are doctors.

--Cars can easily make 20 to 30 foot jumps just by using mounds of dirt or cheap wooden planks.  When they land, the car sustains no damage at all.  

--Foreign speakers (including alien beings) speak English when they are alone.

--If you need a particular celebrity for a school show or prom, they will be in your town at exactly the right time.

--If you are in Paris, you will always have a view of the Eiffel Tower.

--If you need to see a news story on TV, it will be starting at the exact  moment you turn the set on.

--You & 5 or 6 of your friends will always find an empty table in the center of a coffee shop, even during high traffic hours.

--If you're a good guy, you will never run out of ammunition.

--Groceries come in a plain brown paper bag & are required to have crusty bread & leafy green vegetables sticking out.

--In a high speed chase, traffic is spaced so that the bad guy & the police can weave in & out.

I used to watch a lot of TV.   Now about the only show I watch with any regularity is "Jeopardy!".  Did you know that if you record it & fast forward through the
commercials & the interviews, the show is only about 15 minutes long?  Some funnies about it:

I'll get back to you when the show's over----fishducky


  1. L O V E it!! This was one good post I am still chuckling about them all but I want to ask my doctor about those bath tub couples also! New follower :))

    1. Welcome, new follower! I could never understand that ad, either. Who keeps two bathtubs outside?

  2. Now that was good post! Every bit is true to the core!! Well done fishducky, well done!

    1. THANK YOU! Everything I write is true--at least, that's how I see it--otherwise, I'll let you know!

  3. Dear Fishducky, you certainly did hit the nail on the head with things you've learned from television. Often I find myself shaking my head as I watch a show and saying "What a fake!" or "Oh yeah, like that's going to happen!" I suspect that NCIS has done a lot to increase misunderstanding of just what is possible when a crime has been committed.

    Is Jeopardy truly only 15 minutes! Wow, those contestants think so fast. I'm always impressed. Peace.

    1. I'm sure the FBI would love to have some of the equipment that Abby has in her lab in NCIS!!

      As for Jeopardy being only about 15 minutes, have I ever lied to you?

  4. I laughed out loud at the foreign speakers using English when they're alone, but all of these are SO TRUE! Hilarious.

    P.S. We DVR every episode of Jeopardy, and now I could never go back to watching it in "real time." ;)

  5. I can't understand why anyone with a recorder WOULD watch it in real time!

  6. ALL of these are sooo good!
    The one with the ninjas is hysterical! I also loved this one (since I can't believe I've never even thought of it): Streets are wet & shiny at night even if it hasn't rained.

    1. Some of these I wrote--some I borrowed. I can't remember which is which, so I thank you!!


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