Monday, September 3, 2012


Our daughter recently informed me that she wishes to be nameless on all future posts that I write.  I will defer to her wishes.

When Nameless was small, she loved optical illusions.  They fascinated her.  She thought they were called “optical delusions”.  I think that’s a much better description.


We were at Scandia, an upscale Beverly Hills restaurant, with Bud’s sister & her husband.  Natalie was wearing a blouse that was scooped necked, both front & back.  The back gaped open a little when she leaned forward to eat.  A waiter was trying to serve us shrimp & accidentally dropped one down her back, inside her blouse.  He offered to get it out for her, but some people feel they have to do everything themselves.  Nat used to be a prude.  She didn’t want her husband to subscribe to “Playboy” magazine.  It’s very difficult for me to let something like that pass, so I sent him a prepaid gift subscription, anonymously.  I don’t think they ever figured out where it came from.

A friend in Palm Desert (near Palm Springs) is very into elephants.  She probably has as many or more elephant things than I have duck stuff--& that’s a lot!  One day we were visiting & she showed me an “elephant pie” she just got.  It was a ceramic “pie” in a real pie tin, with tiny elephants inside.  They were standing & sitting, with their trunks wrapped around each other, going every which-way.  It was adorable!  She gave me the name & phone number of the artist, whom I believe lived on the East Coast.  I ordered 4 pies.  A baby duck pie for me (below), a cow pie for our daughter (NOT the kind you find in a meadow), a fish pie for our oldest son & black & white kitties for our youngest.  We gave them to the kids at Christmas.  They loved them!

Here are 2 views of my duck pie:

Nameless took piano lessons as a child.  To help her learn to read music, we wrote a song together, which she transcribed.  Here it is, in its entirety.  Sing it to any melody you want.  “If I were an elephant & you were a canary; if I stepped on you, you wouldn’t like it!”

What do you get the man who has everything?  A bag to put it in?  In my husband’s case, the answer is MORE!  When he was growing up & all his friends wanted to be President, he wanted to be the Secretary of the Treasury.  When we were in Washington, DC, we went to the Treasury’s Bureau of Printing & Engraving.  It was fascinating to watch money being printed.  They didn’t have any free samples, but I was able to buy him a sheet of uncut bills.  We framed it when we got back & it’s hanging in his home office.  

A friend of ours, who is of Japanese descent, gave Bud origami cranes for his 70th birthday.  They were made of $1 bills.  70 is an important birthday in Japan.

This has nothing to do with anything.  I just like it & think it's clever:
Click anywhere in the clock and it becomes digital, another click and it returns to normal.  Watch the men of the minute hand impatiently tapping their feet.

My oldest son’s birthday is December 21st.  My question is: If the world ends on that day, as scheduled on the Aztec calendar, do I still have to get him a present?  

And remember...

My mind is tired from all this jumping around.  I’m going to lie down for a while----fishducky