Friday, November 23, 2012


Some of you young punks fine, upstanding young people might wonder if those of us who are on in years still enjoy playing games.  The answer to that is a resounding YES!!  Of course, some changes might have to be made because of our senility limited capabilities.   Following are some childhood games & today’s options, which still allow us hours of fun.                                   

What we used to play:

What we play now:                                    

1.      Tag, you’re it.

            Sag, you’re it.                                                          

2.      Pin the tail on the donkey.

            Pin the toupee on the bald guy.                        

3.      Twenty Questions.

Twenty Questions shouted into your good ear.

4.      Red rover, red rover, can I come over?

Red rover, red rover, the nurse says bend over.

5.      Kick the can.

Kick the bucket.

6.      Duck, duck, goose.

Doc, doc, goose.

7.      Simon says.

Simon says something incoherent.

8.      Musical chairs.

Musical recliners.

9.      Hide and go seek.

Hide and go pee.

10. Spin the bottle.

Spin the bottle of Mylanta.

Actually, we can still lead a very full life & are able to continue doing the things we’ve always done. 

       We can still have fun:  

We’re able to do our own shopping:

We’re very good drivers:

I have to admit doctor’s visits are a little different:

Our kids may not always see eye to eye with us:

                                              But we know we always look good:

Many of us still lead a very active sex life:


Do you think he looks like Abe Vigoda?

Unfortunately, as you get older, it’s more difficult to keep pets:

I have to go now.  They’re serving Jello tonight here at Shady Rest & I don’t want to miss it----fishducky