Friday, May 31, 2013


Or stack your books & knickknacks here?

It's just possible that some designers have gone to extremes
in trying to come up with a new look for furniture.

This must be the original couch potato,
but I don't think I could relax on it:

This looks like a good idea:

These chairs look like fun:

But these coffee tables & the lamp would take some getting used to:

I guess an animal lover COULD be comfortable here:

Or here:

Or even here:

How about some more people (or parts of them) in your house?:

Imagine being hung over & trying to find some clothes in the morning:

This is too much for me--I'm going back to bed!:

To see even more weird furniture'
click HERE

I actually found four furniture jokes online:

Co-workers sympathized with a woman as she complained that her back was really sore from moving furniture over the weekend while her husband was golfing.
"Why didn't you wait until your husband got home?" someone asked.
"I could have," the woman told her, "But the couch is easier to move if he's not on it!"

A couple was in a furniture store lamenting over the price of a bedroom set.  The salesman told them, "Here's what you do.  You finance it, then you don't make any payments for a year."
"Who told you about us?" the woman snapped back.

A furniture sales rep was in Paris & noticed a beautiful woman smiling at him. They discovered that they had no language in common in which they could communicate.  The woman drew a picture of a wine glass, he nodded & they went to a restaurant & ordered a bottle of wine.  Then, on a napkin, she sketched two plates of food.  After a wonderful meal the lovely lady, with a smile, handed the sales rep a drawing of a bed.  And, as he tells the story, "To this day, I have no idea how she knew I was in the furniture business!"

"I used to sell furniture for a living. The trouble was, it was my own."
- Les Dawson

And even some cartoons:


I'm not really sure why I ran this post:

I'm getting that dreaded furniture disease.  That's when your chest starts falling into your drawers.

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Redecorate any way you want.  After all, a man's home is his castle--in a manor of speaking----fishducky



  1. The hand chair was the most popular piece of furniture in the local elementary school. The kids fought over it. When you moved back and forth, the fingers massages your back.

    1. I knew I liked it--& I didn't even think about a massage!!

  2. And think, the vagaries of fashion will make some of that stuff collectible and even more expensive in fifty or a hundred years. The whimsical Alice in Wonderland dresser appears to be a beautifully executed piece. And the stacked dresser.

    1. That's what happens with clothing styles--why not furniture?

  3. Welcome, Merle--I like your photos!!

  4. You know I really should know better than to click on one of your posts after lunch with Tony. I had my eyes dilated (so everything looks like it's in 3-D now) at the eye doctor today, so Tony picked me up after and took me to lunch. Since I was not driving (clearly) I had a glass of sangria at lunch that was WAY stronger than I thought it would be.

    Now I'm home, slightly buzzed from the watermelon sangria with pupils the size of dimes, watching videos of accordion chairs.

    Mind. Blown.

    See... I really should have known better.

    1. Your eyes will return to normal. More importantly--how was the watermelon sangria?

  5. That furniture is hysterical! The peeing table=epic.

  6. I totally want the cow couch and I like the frog table--but why is the frog half purple????

    What is Irish and hangs around outside by the pool? Paddy O' Furniture.

    1. I prefer the pig couch, probably because it looks more like me!! I don't know about the frog.

  7. Well that was different I learnt a lot about furniture I didn't know, some real talking points there.

    1. I think the one word to describe what my posts "usually" are would be "different"!!

  8. That human bookcase is one of the most terrifying things I've seen in ages xx


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