Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Some of my blogging friends have found themselves in the doldrums as far as coming up with ideas for future posts are concerned.  Out of the goodness of my heart I am offering these 33 suggestions, which are available for the low price of $5.00 each, or 3 for $10.00. The first one alone is worth the cost!

  1. How to steal other people's blog ideas.
  2. Why boot camp is not good for shoes.
  3. Barbie is a slut.
  4. I do not play well with others & I don't care.
  5. How manicure scissors can be a big help in doing jigsaw puzzles.
  6. How to paint a masterpiece in 3 easy steps.
  7. Does your car need training wheels?
  8. How to stay a close family until Daddy's parole comes through.
  9. Einstein was wrong--E actually = mc x 12.
  10. Listen to your mother even if she's stupid.
  11. Goldilocks & the 27 bears--the complete story.
  12. The Lone Ranger & Tonto were secretly married.
  13. Why I should rule the world.
  14. Harry Potter is really a girl.
  15. Raising elephants in your apartment.
  16. How to get fat.
  17. Diseases are not good for you.
  18. Somebody has to say it!
  19. Federal prison is not so bad.
  20. Why men?
  21. May I have your money?
  22. Hollywood is calling me--where the hell's the phone?
  23. If I owned my own company, I wouldn't work for me.
  24. Things it is illegal to bring to Show & Tell.
  25. Convincing your boss you're too sick to work.
  26. How to get your parents to do your homework.
  27. How to cheat & get away with it.
  28. Why pedophiles do not make good school bus drivers..
  29. Keeping the profit from Girl Scout Cookie sales.
  30. Why vegetables can be harmful to your health.
  31. Things I learned from watching cartoons on TV.
  32. Why it is fun to trip people who use canes or crutches.
  33. Why broccoli flavored ice cream does not sell well.
Or you can always add an interesting video:

Your blogmeister----fishducky


  1. #6, I know how to do that.
    Wait, is it cheating if you don't do the actual painting part yourself?

    1. It's only cheating is somebody finds out!!

      Welcome to my post!!

  2. Think I will book mark this idea post. Numbers 3 and 9 have distinct possibilities. The tweeting blue birds cracked me up.

  3. Some of these were already on my idea list.

    1. Just because I steal from you doesn't give you the right to steal from ME!!

  4. Hmmm HE doesn't read our blogs. Maybe that is a good thing.

  5. As you might imagine, I'm curious about those three easy steps to creating a masterpiece. This could save me a lot of time.

  6. Did you steal number 11 from me? I guess you didn't know, but I was called Gullock (Goldilocks in Swedish) by my parents when I was a small, and very blond, child. And now, of course, I got the bears!

    1. Hopefully, not all 27 of them--that could be exhausting!!

  7. Dear Fishducky, some great ideas here. But I'm a little short on money this week, so I guess I'll have to wing it! Now there's a subject for blogging--winging it! Peace.

    1. Just don't try starting up your own business selling blogging ideas!!

  8. #24... give me until mid October. I'm sure Youngest will have this covered. :)

    I have missed reading here...

    1. Let me know when he has Show & Tell--I want to be there!!

  9. Harry Potter is a girl. Harry's real name is The Hurricane.


    1. I assume she calls herself that to avoid paparazzi!!

  10. HAHAHA all great ideas for posts. I'll give you $5virtual to do a post on Why broccoli flavored ice cream does not sell well
    Pleasure doing business with you fishducky, and thanks for inspiring so many of us (tear rolls down cheek)

    1. Always happy to welcome a new customer!! If you do not receive your post within 7 days, contact us by email at whatascam.com.


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