Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Last month, a leg broke off of a kitchen chair & it fell out from under me.  I landed just like the woman above.  The good news is I didn't break my crown, but I did get some hairline fractures in my back & butt.  It only hurt when I was sitting, standing or laying down--pretty much all the time.  The really good news is I'm better now!!  It's a good thing I didn't need a sling.  It must be hard to walk when your butt's in one!!  I had some x-rays taken so if anyone is interested in buying an 8x10 glossy, please let me know.  

Here's a funny post by Man Martin about his sling:

I dislocated my shoulder last week, and now have to wear my arm in a sling. This means everywhere I go, I'm called upon to explain what happened.  I bet on Friday alone I had to tell two hundred people about my arm.  Of course, a hundred fifty of them were my students, so that brings the average up a bit.  I don't blame people for asking, naturally, and I'm pleased with their concern; still, it gets tiresome.  I think when the hospital gave me the sling, they should also have given me a sign: "Dislocated Shoulder."

The worst part is, they always want to know how I dislocated it.  There are many interesting and worthwhile reasons to have a dislocated shoulder:

Ultimate Cage Fighting
Bitch-Slapping Kodiak Bear

The way it really happened was this: walking up some steps

This is my modus operandi when it comes to getting injured.  Why can't I get hurt doing something exciting?  Why is it always something ordinary?  Say, walking?  Admittedly, Ultimate Cage fighting is not something I do a lot of, but surely I have as much right to get hit by a meteorite as anyone else.  Getting hit by a meteorite makes you seem glamorous and remarkable: tripping on steps just makes you a klutz.

So now if you see me in a sling, you'll know why.  And if someone else asks you what happened to me, tell them it was a meteorite.

I can't think of anything else funny to say about my butt, so here are some cartoons about falling & generally just being old and/or accident prone:

PS--Are you a follower of Darcy at http://www.sothenstories.com?  If not, you're missing some very funny & clever stuff.  Go take a look!!

PPS--We (my husband, our son & I) saw a really funny movie about old people yesterday.  It's "Last Vegas", with Michael Douglas, Robert DeNiro, Morgan Freeman & Kevin Kline.  Lots of laughs!!  I recommend it.

When you get older, you hear the question, "Who's hip?" as "Whose hip?"----fishducky




  1. From Melynda: A; You didn't tell me you hurt yourself, you naughty woman!!!
    B" I think a fall from a parachute would be a great way to hurt myself. However, that is never the case.. I run into walls or trip on a cat's tail or go to sit on the toilet and miss it compeltly.
    Yes that is my life. Sigh

  2. I'm glad you liked Last Vegas because Mrs. C. wants to see it. Based on your recommendation I'll show more enthusiasm. Have a great day.

  3. You are amazing. You are hurting and making us laugh. GOD BLESS YOU. Better still God heal you faster!

    1. The x-rays showed NO damage to my sense of humor!!

  4. Willy Dunne Wooters and I have seen the ads for Last Vegas and wondered if it's an old folks version of The Hangover movies. If you liked it, then I just might put it in my queue, which stands at 300+. Many moons ago, Favorite Young Man was sitting in the kitchen peeling potatoes for a family dinner. Suddenly he moved and said, Ouch! I stubbed my toe! I've never figured out how he stubbed his toe while seated. He often fell up the stairs, too.


    1. It IS (sort of) a better done old folks version of The Hangover movies, but I loved Hangover 1. Favorite Young Man should beware of killer chairs!!

  5. So sorry about your back and butt. And v glad they are on the mend.
    I loved the meteorite explanation. The first time my partner's lung collapsed, he told everyone at work I had stabbed him. A meteorite would have been a MUCH better story (and might have protected me from some flack). Except that he probably would have said I threw it at him.

  6. So sorry your behind and back are sore but glad your humor is intact. I love the idea of glamorizing an accident. A meteorite could be used for a variety of injuries. Note has been taken.

  7. I'm glad to say they're no longer sore. I'm planning on using that excuse, too!!

  8. Replies
    1. I'll confess it took me a minute to figure out that one!!

  9. hahaa…. anything else funny to say about my butt… hahaaa well? those cartoons do a fine job… I tumped over in a canoe on a Class IV river run and me and my tailbone rode it out for a bunch of miles … so 'they' told me… I just know I hurt like hell… took a year for that ol bone to settle down …

    Glad you're okay !

    the walker lady blowing out the birthday candles… terrible… just awful… Hahaa


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