Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Early in my husband's law career--1972-- he leased an office in a "lawyer's suite".  
There was a receptionist in the entry (so each lawyer didn't have to hire his own) & a law library for use by all (saving the young attorneys a lot of time & money).   These suites, & there were several of them, were leased by another lawyer, Paul Fegen, who called himself "Fig".  Paul was & is a very flamboyant character.  He loves the color purple, because it has his name in it, according to him--"purPAUL". He no longer leases these suites or practices law, but makes his living appearing at parties as a magician.  He claims to have put himself through college by performing magic.  This is a picture of him from the net:

This is the kind of car he drives around Beverly Hills--
a vintage Excalibur convertible with the license plate "FIG"

but this is the color, of course!

I don't know if he still does it--we've pretty much lost contact with him--but he used to host absolutely amazing parties.  We were never privileged to attend, but we would hear about them in the news.  Paul had very long, wiry, wild hair (past his shoulders) & I guess it bothered his mother.  At one party he showed up in overalls or something equally sloppy casual.  In the middle of the party, a barber's chair was wheeled out & he got his hair cut to acceptable business standards of the day.  He then put on a tuxedo & the party continued.  He was extremely close to his parents & would have brunch with them every Sunday.  Since the death of his mother a few years ago, he's kept a "memorial" Popsicle in his freezer.  I understand he hasn't had his hair cut since she died.

When our oldest son was about 10, Bud had some papers to deliver to Paul.  We sent Matt into Paul's office with the papers while the rest of us waited in the car.  It was over a half hour later when he came back.  We asked him why it took so long & he told us, "Mr. Fegen taught me how to juggle!"

I wonder if this is Paul's attitude:

or this:

Probably not, but for sure, he's a lot of fun!!

Good--I see I still have room for another cartoon!

Today is our 116th wedding anniversary--
58 years each!!

Bye for now----fishducky