Monday, April 8, 2013


What do the following animals--& many others--have in common?

Gibbon apes, wolves, termites, coyotes, barn owls, beavers, bald eagles, golden eagles, condors, swans, brolga cranes, French angel fish, sandhill cranes, pigeons, prions (a seabird), red-tailed hawks, anglerfish, ospreys, prairie voles (a rodent) & black vultures.  


I wonder what would happen if a swan were unhappy with her choice of mates.  I can hear it now: "You never help me with the cygnets!"  "I think you're seeing another pen--is her neck longer than mine?"  "You leave your dirty feathers all over the pond!"   "Get a job, you cob!"  Or, from HIS point of view:

We know how SHE handles it:

Has this ever happened to you?:

"The first time we ever made love, I said, "Am I the first man that ever made love to you?"  She said, "You could be--you look awfully familiar!"
--Ronnie Bullard

Sometimes, we just don't look before we leap:

I have to admit, marriage changes passion; suddenly you're in bed with a relative.

Sometimes, though, even though you've thought it out carefully, weighed the pro's & con's,  chosen one person to be with the rest of your life, in sickness & in health, for richer, for poorer, it just doesn't work out, or they're not the person you thought they were, or one or both of you is not willing to do what's necessary to keep the marriage going, & so you get a divorce, regardless of the consequences.  (That should pretty much use up today's allotment of commas.)

But if you play your cards right--& you're VERY LUCKY--this could be you:


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