Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Once upon a midnight brightly, for I turned my lamp on nightly,
Trying to complete the latest issue of my post,
All at once I heard a moaning, it was my computer groaning,
If it were to die my blog would be but toast.

When it was I don’t remember--wait, it must have been December,
Yes! Earlier that evening I had carved the Christmas roast.
We had sweet potatoes (yummy!) and they sat there in my tummy,
But a working computer was now of my needs the uppermost.

A spirit appeared on my screen, in a color sort of pea green,
The creature was so pale it must have been a ghost.
Forgive me if I’m ravin’, but this specter was so craven,
I had not the slightest wish to ever play his host.

He spoke in a voice so hollow, it was difficult to follow,
And said that he would take away the thing I loved the most.
“Not my computer!” I beseeched him, but my words just never reached him,
I said, “People want to read this,” but he ignored my boast.

I begged, I tried to buy him, but he wouldn’t listen to my lyin’,
He said, “You’re on a hilltop and downward you must coast.”
“Without my computer as my sled, my butt would end up oh, so red
And the gravel would make me look just like a piece of raisin toast!”

“No one reads your silly blogging—your brain just needs unclogging,
Your followers would fare better if with heroin they were dosed.”
“That may be, but my blogs are legal,” and I swooped in like an eagle,
And told him people like to read what makes them laugh the most. 

“One more paragraph!” I pleaded, and ‘twas then that I proceeded
To tell him of a few blogs with which readers were engrossed.
“I know I heard a rumor that FACING 50 WITH HUMOR
And also BODACIOUS BOOMER were followed by a host.”

"If you want to read ELISA you don't need to get a visa, 
And her writing is more clever than at a Friar's roast.
HALEY'S COMIC is so funny it makes my eyes a little runny.
Oh, don't take these from me--I'm pleading, ghost!"

“And CRANKY OLD MAN’s a winner, we just laughed it at dinner,
THERE'S MORE WHERE THAT CAME FROM is said to be the most.
WRESTLING WITH RETIREMENT brings me to perspirement,
And PEARL, WHY YOU LITTLE  is for sure a favorite post.”

“The world’s in need of laughter, and that’s why, ever after,
I hope we’ll have Jen, Leenie and Stephen here to post.
Not to mention Robyn, and so many more my head is throbbin’,
For without laughter our jaws would be on the floor, almost.”

I so liked Melynda's CRAZY WORLD that I feel like I've been hurled
Into darkness.  Can you ask her to write again, I beg you, ghost?
Oh, Melynda, how I miss you, (excuse me while I get a tissue)
I would love to see another issue of your post.  

"There's Abby and there's Kellie, who make me laugh down in my belly,
But if sanity's your thing, there's still a host.
On Dee, Josh, JanieMaggie, Inger, and on ManziJuli and Patti  I linger.
I NEED my computer to read these and more and comment.  Oh, please, ghost."

(If others I failed to mention, know it was not my intention, 
But I was under pressure, thanks to the ghost.
Please forgive me this neglecting, but as you've long been suspecting,
My brain is not the part of me that I use the most!)

The specter then relented, and immediately consented
To repair my computer so I could write, sweet ghost.
He then called a tech (who was in India) but heck,
By then I couldn’t remember what it was that I HAD to post!

I couldn't remember any Poe jokes or even find any to steal so here are extra cartoons for you today:

And some "non-raven" ones:

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Inger (desertcanyonliving) posted some of my pen & ink drawings of San Francisco yesterday.  THANK YOU, INGER!  You can see them HERE.  

I was thinking about old age and decided that it's when you still have something on the ball, but you are just too tired to bounce it----fishducky