Friday, September 20, 2013


This is me hurrying to bring them to you.

Although I usually look like this.

You may think I'm crazy, 

but I don't care!!

Your eyes may get a little tired
but bear with me.

Moving images can make you happy.

They can also be helpful.
What if you wanted a 2nd medical opinion?

Or can't understand why your taxes are so high?

They can teach you about personal hygiene

Or the importance of following
orders from a superior

Need some examples to follow
in your exercise program?

Looking for the best place to get a manicure?

Need a job?  
There'll probably be an opening here soon.

Interested in organizing your finances?

Perhaps you need a hint on computer repair

How about some redecorating suggestions?

Remember, it's important to 
reciprocate a good deed

Most importantly, there are amazing new discoveries 
to be made every day!!

I called my husband on the intercom yesterday & told him I was lonesome.  I offered him $1.00 to talk to me for 5 minutes.  He said that wasn't enough.  If I were nasty (which, of course, I'm not) I'd give this next image to him:

Am I crazy because I hear voices or are you, because you don’t?----fishducky