Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Friday was my 79th birthday.  My family & I went to a restaurant to celebrate.  They gave me what I always wanted--a standing ovation!!
Here's the picture.  Sorry it's so dark:
That's my daughter, Nameless, on the left.  Next, my daughter-in-law, Diane.  (Her husband was taking the picture.) Then there's Bud & my son-in-law, Nameless' husband.   The old lady who's seated is either me or my great-great-grandmother--it's hard to tell!!
Imagine my surprise when several friends decided to join us!!  Thank you all!!

Now on to the post:

My ideal totem pole:

Just think, if I were a Seminole
I could have been on a totem pole.  
Fishducky on the top with wings spread whole
And around my head an aureole.
I'd have no need for self-control.
No one could make me wash a bowl
Or have to mend a buttonhole
Or cook another casserole.
The chief would all his tribe cajole
To bow before me and see my soul.
My glory they would all extol.
Those that were sad I would console
'Til their spirits rose in a capriole.
They'd see me when they took a stroll.
I'd be on a lovely knoll
Or maybe part of a fumarole,
More splendid than a girasole.
I'd be listed on their holy scroll
And their banners they would all unroll.  
This has always been my goal.
But save me from your vitriol
Because it was just my luck,
Instead of an eagle, to be born a duck!

Some animal totem poles:

And one human one:

Ever stop to think, & forget to start again?----fishducky