Friday, October 4, 2013


got to my party (link) too late to enjoy the festivities,
but I wanted to share this beautiful shot
that the paparazzi took  of her 
in her finest sweatshirt & party hat.
Isn't she lovely?

Those of you who are photography aficionados know the importance of timing when taking a picture.  This is especially true when your subject is an animal & you want to add a caption. The following photographs are excellent examples of this. 
(Photos by Huffpost--captions mine)

I'm required to warn you--these legs are lethal weapons!

I didn't say it was your fault,
I said I'm blaming you!

You'll stay there until you finish every last bite!

Stop with the jokes, already--you're killing me!

I am so sick of these hot flashes!

Pull over, driver, I'll get off here.

It wasn't me, man--I never touched your lens!

 I said you are not going out tonight,
now get back in the nest!

Don't shoot!!


It looked easier when Mom did it!!

Hurry up--I can't hold you much longer!

I knew those boxing lessons would pay off!

Yes, I have been working out--can you tell?

My father was a cat--my mother was a giraffe!

These new jet talons are fantastic!

Please enjoy this very 
rare shot of a Falcon nesting in a tree:

The same timing theory works for photographing humans:
Who died & made him king?

How to make an otherwise boring breakfast interesting 
for your dining partner.

Now, for my next trick...

I see a world where Democrats reign supreme...

It gets easy when you keep practicing!


What would happen if a blond got a really good idea.

I don't know how that would work on cave drawings:

This video is amazing--thank you, Carole!

For some "Most Amazing Magical Moments", go HERE:

I was born with a photographic memory that was never developed----fishducky