Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I'd much rather go barefoot than ever wear shoes.  I refuse to wear shoes unless it’s absolutely necessary.  I never wear them in the house.  When my kids were small & they’d see me wearing shoes, they’d ask where I was going.  I used to give small dinner fancy parties with crystal, china, sterling & bare feet.  I have broken several toes by bumping them into chairs.

A very good friend of Nameless was a talented cartoonist.  When they were in high school he drew cartoons all over a pair of her white tennis shoes.  Then, on the toes, he named the shoes.  The right one was "Alfred Lord Tennis-shoe" & the left was "Grou-shoe Marx".

I realize my feelings towards shoes makes me different from most women, but then again, so does my brain.  Even if I did love shoes, I probably would never wear these:






or even these:
and, apparently, neither would he:
To see more weird (& even weirder) shoes, click HERE.
If you've had enough & just want to see some cartoons, just scroll down.

Not funny--just some food for thought:

Next post--earrings!!

Do you have grave reservations about Halloween?

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Happy Halloween tomorrow!!  Remember, a skeleton is just a bunch of bones with the person scraped off----fishducky