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She's a sculptor.  She's got the Sleeping Giant perfected, after several tries.  I've seen this first one on Nounou Mountain in Kauai.  It doesn't show it in this picture, but there's a stand of trees which make up the giant's sweeping eyelashes:

This one is in Helena, Montana:

And he appears to be floating on his back off the coast of Ireland, 
near the Blasket Islands:

She gave this iceberg a full beard & mustache:

She didn't need the Egyptians & their slaves to carve the sphinx.
She did this one in Pakistan, in Hingol National Park:

She does faces, like this Native American in
the Colorado Rockies:

And this witch in Laguna Beach, California:

She put a man on a mountain in New Hampshire, 
but sadly he fell off:

She paints animals like this Blue Ridge Mountain Bear.  
The Shadow of the Bear can be seen each fall in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Cashiers, North Carolina as the sun sets behind the mountains:

Of course, she's been painting leaves for centuries:
Above 2

She's into abstracts, too, 
like the Arbol de Piedra (Tree of Stone) in Bolivia:

And this "Immortal Bridge" in Mt. Tal, China:

Those of you who have seen the James Bond movie,
"The Man With the Golden Gun",
might remember this island in Phang Nga Bay, Thailand:

This is the Cave of the Crystals in Mexico.  
The crystals are two to three stories tall:

She dabbles in science & built a natural nuclear reactor 
in the Oklo mine in Gabon 
about 2,000,000,000 years ago:
Robert D. Loss, WAISRC

She still finds time to play.  
The sailing stones of the Racetrack Playa in Death Valley, California, 
seem to strangely move on their own, 
leaving long trails behind them in the cracked clay. 
NASA research suggests that during the winter months, 
ice forms around the rocks, 
allowing them to slip across the frozen surface of the playa.
NASA/GSFC/Cynthia Cheung

To see more of her artwork, click HERE.

I'm not sure if this fits here but it's charming
& Mother Nature did make this beautiful baby!!

I admit she's slow, but I think she shows a lot of talent!!

Many cultures assign gender to things like “Mother Nature”, “Father Time” & “Broad daylight”----fishducky



  1. Some stunning art work there. And there is some of it created every day.

  2. That island in Thailand is one of the items I want to see next month. Love the baby video.

  3. Truly amazing pictures she is some artist.

    1. She's not bad, considering she's only been at it a few billion years!!

  4. You've pulled together some terrific pictures for us. Thanks! (That Laguna Beach witch looks a lot like Abe Lincoln to me. )

  5. Mom nature is really talented. Some I had seen, most were new to me.
    That video was a 3 minute smile. Adorable.

  6. well, my goodness... great minds think alike! my yesterday's post was about Mother Nature... I really like her ... great pictures ... I also have the little baby video ... soooooooooo precious!

  7. Mother Nature is the original ultimate artist, all who have come along since are merely copycats. Very, very, good copycats all the same.

    1. True,but I don't mind being a copycat--it's MUCH less work!!

  8. Fascinating what mother nature can do. There's an indian head in the moutains behind Ojai too, so this reminded me of many good vacations spent there a long time ago now. Thanks for putting this together.

  9. I'm the one who's slow. I just realized that I haven't been getting your post by email for some reason. I went to resign up and it said I was already signed up. I wonder why I am not getting them? Maybe I will now that I jiggled its brains a little?

    That is the cutest baby!! Mother nature is moody, that's for sure. But earth is such an amazing and beautiful place to be. What a great assortment of pics. :)

    1. I was wondering why I hadn't seen your comments!!

  10. She's a fickle beast isn't she? Last week, I'm delivering in a sweat shirt. This week, I'm aiming for no skin showing. Can't afford any more frost bite.

    1. Fickle--that she is!! What do you mean, any MORE frostbite?

    2. Last time the arctic freeze came through I got frost burn across my face, peeled just like a sunburn. :(

  11. Mother nature is indeed an awesome artist. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Always happy to have you here, Munir!!


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