Monday, May 26, 2014


A guide to understanding flowcharts:

Flowcharts can be used to solve any problem:

Or not:
For instance, you can repair your own computer:

Speaking of computers, they can help you decide 
whether to forward that email:

If your problem is of a more technical nature,
this might help:

Should you go to the gym today?:

Thinking of getting a college education?:

They can help you maintain a healthy diet:

Or not:

Want to understand your pet's thinking?:

Having an argument?
Maybe you'd like to understand his/her thinking:

Here are two by Man Martin that I liked:

But you must always remember:

Aren't you lucky?
I found some flowchart cartoons:

It's a little late to post this one, but it's still funny:


  1. Enjoyed all your flowcharts. I have made use of flowcharts from my schooling for many reasons. It is one of the easy way to understand the situation!

  2. There are some gems here - and I love the cat's decision flow chart. Very, very true. Thank you.
    How are you going? Much, much better I hope.

  3. Love your little mallardjusted icon, but of course you aren't, you're one of the most well adjusted people I know.
    I LOVE flow charts, I used to have a copy of that "does the damn thing work" taped up near my work station when I worked in a factory. Whenever someone stuffed up my spray gun I would direct them to the "did you mess with it" box.

  4. After this, I will never look at a flow chart the same way again. So it is fortunate that my days of looking at flowcharts are in the past.

  5. Dear Fran, did you, yourself, devise any of these flowcharts? From the little I know of you, I'd say your mind could come up with most of these because you have such a fine sense of t he ridiculous. Peace.

  6. These are certainly funny, even though I' ve lived my life without ever making a flow chart.

  7. I honestly didn't understand flow charts until I read this post. Thank you for this pleasant tutorial.

  8. I need a flowchart for everything I do.


  9. I hate flow charts. Let's just assume that whatever i do is right and then there is no need for flow charts.

    1. my lawyer husband says never to assume a fact not in evidence!!

  10. I like the Christmas one and the trap. LOL

  11. These flowcharts are awesome and funny. but I noticed that most of them were not drawn according to the standard / approved methods or symbols. For an example rectangle shapes for a process and diamond shape for decision blocks. This confusion can be avoided if draw frrom a flowchart software like cerately.


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