Monday, September 8, 2014


As adults, dogs are interested in everything, 
even when they just wake up:

Cats, not so much:

Dogs can use the facilities anywhere:
And will clean up after themselves in case of an accident:

Cats may have a small problem with toilets::

A dog will borrow the car:

Or he can catch a ride with a friend:

A cat is always satisfied with his skateboard:

Below is a map of a dog's brain:
The cat's brain is slightly more complex:

Dogs can amuse themselves without a human around:

But so can cats:

Cats always enjoy a good game with a friend:

Dogs are deathly afraid of vacuums:

While a cat is willing to stay & fight:

A dog can sometimes be a picky eater:

While you can count on a cat being finicky:

They can both be helpful to humans.
In a pinch, a cat can be used as a hat:

While a dog can be of help if you don't have time to shower:

They don't seem to handle guilt the same way, either:

Dogs love to go on car rides
 & let their hair (& jowls & ears) blow in the wind:

Cats feel differently about riding in cars.
Some enjoy the opportunity to interact with strangers:

While some are afraid:

They don't like to be petted the same way, either:

Dogs do have their worries & problems:

But so do cats:

Don't forget!!  Some of my poems are in an anthology that was just published.  It's called "Old Broads Waxing Poetic".  This is the cover.  To order from Amazon, click here.

I have to go find my umbrella; the weatherman said it's going to be raining cats & dogs----fishducky



  1. Jazz is incredibly distressed that someone read his diary - and publicised it.

  2. What a great way to start the day.

  3. BWAHAHAHA....

    I love those cartoons - the black and white cat looking out the car window looks like a cat I owned once. Dang it, I still miss that cat.

    In general, I have major critter love, but I'm a dog person right now.

    Great post, fishducky!

    1. Did your black and white cat say those things, too?

  4. Dear Fishducky, thanks for letting us know about the new anthology in which some of your poem are published. I'm so glad that's happening for you. Your inanity and the laughter that comes from it could bring peace to the world!

    As to the cat and dog posting: I so enjoyed the video of the cat's diary. As someone who has been an "authority" in cats' lives for many years, I recognized the plea and the complaint and the general malaise. Thanks. Peace.

    1. You're not the first person to call me inane--I think being inane is a good thing!. I'd hate to just be ane!!

  5. How very funny and absolutely on point. I'm a dog lover, cats not so much.

    1. I love kittens, but they insist on growing up to be cats!!

  6. Humor yes, but there's also a lot of truth hear. The one that made me laugh the most was the pictures of how dogs and cats look after doing something bad.

    1. The BEST humor is always based on truth--or a variation thereof!!

  7. These are priceless and spot on. Like Stephen, I kind of lost it at the "guilty" looking cat in full repose.

  8. was just going to comment FUNNEE and love the videos …. but then saw Dee's comment and your response …. being just ane would be a terrible thing.. HAHaaaaa and a BAWAHaHAaAHAaaaaa…

    1. It's bad enough that I've never been ept--& it's been years since I was crepit!!

  9. Don't you dare call my boys Republicans. I might have mentioned you on my blog today.


    1. Mea maxima culpa!! I didn't mean to swear at the boys. Thank you for today's post--I commented.

  10. Are you telling me my dogs are Republicans?!!

    1. I'm not sure. Do you know how they voted in the last election?

  11. "my human bought a whole case of my favourite wet food. Now I can't like that kind anymore."
    Yep, that's Angel!
    Love the sad dog and cat diaries.

  12. I listened to those dear diary video's three times!! I laughed till I cried! Thank you!

    1. I'm glad you recovered sufficiently to write a comment!!


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