Monday, November 17, 2014


I found this online:

And decided to complete it:

E is for Erythrophobia, fear of the color red,
F is for Febriphobia, fear of fever, which can send straight you to bed.

G is for Gerascophobia, the fear of growing old.
H is for Heliophobia, fear of the sun, which leaves me in the cold.

 I is for Ithyphallophobia, when erect penises are scary.
J is for Judeophobia, fearing Jews; for Arabs, customary.

K is for Katagelophobia, fearing ridicule can make you sad.
L is for Lyssophobia, the fear of going mad.

M is for Mageirocophobia, which is the fear of cooking.
N is for Nuduphobia, fear of nudity.  Why, is someone looking?

O is for Oenophobia, fear of wines—definitely not me!
P is for Paralipophobia, fear of responsibility.

Q had no fear to be found, despite my exploration.
R is for Rhypophobia, the fear of defecation.

S is for Stasiphobia, which is the fear of walking.
T is for Telephonophobia, which would severely limit talking.

U is for Urophobia, the fear of urinating.
V is for Verbophobia, I’d find fearing words so frustrating!

W is for Wiccaphobia, the fear of any witch.
X is for Xerophobia, fear of dryness.  (Because it makes you itch?)

Y was not available, though my search may have been slipshod,
Z is for Zeusophobia, which is the fear of gods.

(Yes, all those are real phobias!)
If you don't have mageirocophobia (see above) & are stuck with making looking forward to preparing a turkey this holiday season, let me share a recipe for an absolutely delicious dressing/stuffing.  It's cooked outside of the bird.  Every time we prepare it for a group there are at least a couple of requests for the recipe.  Bud's family has made it for generations--he's the turkey cook in our family!!

2--1 1/2# loaves of bread (we have used white, french or sourdough--all good)
4 medium onions
2 bunches parsley
2 cups nuts (walnuts or pecans)
1/2# butter, melted
Salt & pepper

1 cup turkey broth (Bud usually boils the neck with onions & celery to make soup, which I use as the liquid for the gravy.  I assume you could use canned chicken broth, but we've never tried it.)

Put bread in food processor (metal chopping blade) a handful at a time & pulse until you have fluffy crumbs.  Before processors, we used to grate it through a vegetable colander; processors are much easier & they stop blood from scraped fingers from getting in the dressing.    Remove to a large bowl--we use the bottom of a roasting pan.  Chop onions & parsley together in the processor & add to bread.  Chop nuts (NOT in processor--they become dust) & add, along with melted butter, salt & pepper (to taste) & mix to moisten evenly.  It's good raw & should taste slightly salty.  If you prepare it the day before, wait to put in the butter.  When you're ready to cook it, put it in a large greased casserole dish, add 1/3 of the broth, cover & place in 350 oven.  After 15 minutes add another 1/3 of the broth.  Add the last 1/3 after another 15 minutes & cook 15 minutes longer.  Total cooking time is 45 minutes.  Invite us over & serve--ENJOY!!     

I hope you don't suffer from cherophobia, the fear of laughing----fishducky



  1. No idea there were so many named fears! Thank goodness I don't have cherophobia or I would have been in big trouble this morning. ;)

    1. Cherophobics are not permitted to read my posts!

  2. So many little time.

    1. I worry about all the ones I didn't list!!

  3. I have to chuckle when I think that someone actually came up with all these. Imagine the challenge for the psychologist or psychiatrist to memorize all these and recognize the symptoms. I have MRIphobia because of my claustrophobia!

    1. I am afraid of psychologists & psychiatrists!!

    2. Add me to the MRIphobia. And I am sooooo very grateful not to have rather a lot of these. Thanks Fran.

    3. They can be a pain in the psyche, among other places!!

  4. So if you had Ithyphallophobia, it would stand to reason that you'd develop nuduphobia and Stasiphobia, from accidentally walking onto a clothing optional beach.

    No worries though, I have no fear of trying that recipe. That sounds yummy!

  5. Ordinaphobia: Yeah, I relate to that. You never have to worry about it.


    1. I always figured you to be a mephobic!!

  6. I read so many phobias that now I can't remember what I am scared of :)

    I have a son who is deathly afraid of clowns.

    1. You're probably scared of reading about phobias--would that make you phobiophobic? One of my granddaughters can't be anywhere near clowns!!

  7. "...only an irrational fear when the duck is actually watching you. " HA HA HA HA. Oh, wait...I don't know if he is watching me or not...

    1. It's safest to ALWAYS assume the duck is watching!!

  8. I think I'm suffering from mephobia.

  9. Well, at least nobody is afraid of Bears. That's good, because we Bears are more scared by Humans than humans are scared by us. (I'm giving you that straight from the Bear's perspective.)

    Blessings and Bear hugs; nice, friendly, gentle hugs! Unless, of course, you intend to mess with our babies; then, all bets are OFF.


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