Friday, November 14, 2014



I don't plan on celebrating, but I have had Type 2 diabetes for about 20 years.  You can live with it, but it takes some work.  If you're lucky & don't have diabetes, you may not understand or appreciate everything in this post, but diabetics will.  My endocrinologist (diabetes doctor) likes my poems & asked me to write one on diabetes, so I did.  Here it is:

Don’t eat this!  Don’t eat that!
You’ve got diabetes and you’re fat!
Take a walk.  Take a pill.
Check your sugars.  Write your will.

My blood sugar’s way too high.
I want to be healthy; not to die!

Oh, how I wish I could fly to Mars
And gorge on twenty chocolate bars.

Why am I sweating?  It’s not hot.
(Those chocolate bars left me distraught.)

Get me my blood meter quick,
I need another finger prick!

My sugar’s low, my brains feel loose.
I’ll have a glass of apple juice.

I know I have to change my ways
And do what my doctor says.

She tells me that I should walk,
Though my nature says that I must squawk.

She's right, yet to get up off my butt
Is hard, but her orders are clear cut.

So how's this for a compromise?
(At least, please try it on for size!) 

I'll walk back all the way to my bed
Where I will rest my weary head

And legs and feet and butt and then
I'll walk back to my chair again!!

I’ll exercise; yeah, that’s the ticket!
My finger?  I’ll just have to prick it.

I realize diabetes can’t be cured
But it can be managed if I don’t act absurd.

I must not binge; I’ll watch my diet.
It won’t be easy, but I’ll try it!

I’ll keep my A1C in check;
Do what she tells me, and by heck

I’m gonna keep every one of my toes
And live with diabetes.  That’s just how it goes.

The older you get, the tougher it is to lose weight because by then, your body and your fat are really good friends----fishducky



  1. I have had type 2 Diabetes for the last 10 years -- at least I was diagnosed 10 years ago! It is not the end of the world -- if you pay attention and are careful. My main exercise is walking -- I'm lucky to live in a town and within walking distance to nearly every place I need to go on a regular basis. Also, it doesn't mean you can NEVER have a glass of wine or a chocolate or anything sweet. I also think that the diet we should follow is healthier for anyone -- whether they have diabetes or not. The biggest difficulty is with the sugar lobby, who in my opinion have a lot to answer for with the amount of sugar that is present in so many of the foods we buy not knowing how high the levels are...

    1. True, but even so, an entire chocolate cake is too much to eat in one sitting, even if you adjust your insulin!!

  2. Dad had type 2's no laughing matter for sure but the jokes are killer.

    1. As long as it's the jokes that are killers & NOT the disease!!

  3. My hubby is Type 2, and it is a constant challenge for him to control diet. I love every little round inch of him, and promise not to nag. Very funny cartoons!

    1. I have a LOT of little round inches, too!! According to my endocrinologist, the meds make it difficult to lose weight.

  4. I'm a diabetic; thanks for helping me laugh at it.

    1. I'd say welcome to the club, but we have FAR too many members!!

  5. Congrats to you for managing your diabetes for two decades. A sense of humor seems to help greatly with just about anything and everything, doesn't it? *hugs*

  6. LOVE the cartoons. My hubby is a diabetic, too, as a result of his exposure to Agent Orange when he was serving in Vietnam. (That's what his doctor and the VA say, anyway... but his father was also a diabetic.) At any rate, he does a good job keeping it under control, and I've learned to cook with truvia instead of sugar.

    1. I didn't know Agent Orange could do that. Cooking with Truvia would be a great idea--if I STILL cooked!!

  7. Love it - and laughter makes everything better. Or I think so.

  8. Diabetes is one thing that doesn't run in my family and I'm grateful. Take care of yourself, fishducky, 'cause I need the laughs.

    1. I plan on being around for a long time. After all, I'm only 80 or 36--one of those numbers!!

  9. Good poem!
    I love the vampire cartoon but I'm a little concerned now about how many donuts might show up on my next blood screen....
    My mum was diabetic and controlled it reasonably well with tablets, but thought that meant she could still eat some things she shouldn't have.

    1. Actually, diabetics can eat anything non-diabetics can--we just have to watch the amounts & adjust our meds!!

  10. Great poem, you brilliant woman, you!!! I stole a couple of pictures to post on my blog. Thanks for this, I didn't even know about this day. We do deserve a month, I think.

  11. My onset of T2 has successfully been kept at bay for years. Until of course, my pancreas went berserk along with the gall bladder. 30 days later, my sugar (even on metformin) are really high... they think it will "reset" in about a month or so, but until then the sugar highs, dizziness, tiredness, and foggy brain is SO not fun.

    Excellent post. :) Enjoy "your" month!

  12. I hope you "reset"!! When I tell my smart ass husband that my brain feels foggy, he asks, "How can you tell?"

  13. Oh yes this did make me smile, and what is funny is that it is all true :)

    I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes going on forty years ago, funny how much has changed in the treatment options over the years.

    Don't you just love it when someone tells you "Go ahead and take a bite, a little wont hurt you"

    1. That doesn't bug me quite as much as, "You can't have ANY, can you?"


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