Tuesday, December 30, 2014


This is a tattoo.  Although clever, it is not what I mean!!

I'm not a big fan of tattoos, especially on women, but I do love me some body painting!!  There is currently a TV series called "Skin Wars" where body artists paint directly on models, who are generally naked. 

Look carefully at these three pictures.
There is a person standing in front of the shelves in each of them!!

The artists are assigned specific challenges.
They may be asked to "dress them":

Do an abstract painting:

Or turn them into something else entirely:

All photos above from "Skin Wars" (I think).

I've just discovered an even more amazing form of body painting, done by a woman who was born to Chinese parents on Japan.  Her name is 
Hikaru Cho. This is what says about her:

She works on art she says is short-lived but intended to reveal a new way to look at the human form.
"As soon as I finish, the work starts deteriorating as it begins to dry," said Cho as she painted a hatch on a shaved head that reveals iron bars behind which a tortured figure languishes, desperate to escape.

The intense realism of the painting, part of Tokyo Designers' Week, would last only hours, destined to be washed off as soon as the canvas took a shower.
"I think of an illusion in three dimensions," she said. "I take in an element of trickery to make things appear hollowed out or to seem as if something is emerging."
The head painting -- as much a performance as a picture -- is someone literally "imprisoned by their thoughts", she said.
"This is something totally impossible in real life. I want viewers of my art to question what they usually think is normal," she said.
Her work, which can take up to seven hours, has previously included a huge zipper on a woman's back that is coming open to show the inner workings.
Cho's ultimate ambition is to paint an entire -- and naked -- body.
"Seventy percent of a human body is made of water, they say. I want to make that visible," she said.
Here are some examples of her work:

These women paint on themselves.

For you tattoo aficionados, some cartoons:

I just found this--it goes with my comment to Rick (below):

When I was in my 20's I had a rose tattooed on my breast; it's now long stemmed----fishducky




  1. I don't have any tattoos myself, but three of my four kids do, yes, one of the girls, none of the tattoos are tiny delicate images either. They're large enough to be seen clearly. Just recently my oldest grand daughter had a red rose tattoo done to honour her recently deceased Nonna.

    1. One of my 3 kids & his daughter (1 of 4 grandchildren) have multiple small tatoos. They got them together as a bonding experience!!

  2. I have a tattoo on my back that I got when I was in the Army. I think they have a law that you have to get one :)

    1. I'm pretty sure it's a law in the NBA, too!!

  3. You got the name of Madge's ink artist?

    1. Probably the same guy who did Rick's (above)!!

  4. Not sure what the motivation is to have a tattoo, but there are so many now that I'm really left out without having one. My granddaughter also got her nose pierced the otherday. Ugh.

  5. The tiger is amazing!

    Tattoos are everywhere, and like Linda - I am left out, but I know that is a good decision for me. I would regret it the next day. Look in your closet. How many outfits are there that you loved and just had to have? Now, consider how many you are ready to take to Goodwill. That would be the case if I got a tattoo. I'd hate it next year and not be able to take it off.

  6. All the body painting is amazing to me. They need to take pictures because it washes off. (Thank goodness!) ;)

    1. I AM fascinated with the body painting!!

  7. The body painting is incredible. And I hope she also does some more permanent work. It would be a huge shame if all of her artistry (and hard work) is washed away.
    Tattoos? I am ambivalent. I have seen some beauties, and I have also seen some shockers. More of the latter.

  8. I love the body art--three dimensional surrealism. Dali would be so proud. I don't condemn the idea of tattoos but I've yet to see one that i thought enhanced the beauty of the human body.

  9. Her use of dimension is incredible. Amazing work. Had to laugh at scumbag. I secretly think that all those Chinese symbols people sport don't mean what they think they do and that those who can read them are laughing.

    1. I'm reminded of a dress shirt that a guy had that had lovely Chinese characters on it. It always came back from the cleaners in better condition than his other shirts. He later found out why--the characters said, "Do not starch"!!

  10. Some of those freak me out.



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