Friday, January 3, 2014


Our home is in Los Angeles, CA.  We used to own a condo in Maui, which we loved, & rented out when we weren't there.   Unfortunately, the tax laws changed so it became too expensive to keep.  We decided to get a place closer to home.  We ended up with a weekend beach house in a condo association in Port Hueneme--about halfway between Los Angeles & Santa Barbara. (The Chumash Indians had settlements in both the Los Angeles & Santa Barbara areas. "Hueneme" is a Chumash word meaning "halfway".)  We bought it in 1983, well before Bud retired.  We wanted to find a place that was at least an hour's drive from the house, so Bud wouldn't run back home for every emergency that wasn't really an emergency, & less than a 2 hour drive so it would still be convenient for us to use.  Bud's nephew, Mike, found the place for us.  He said it was perfect--an hour & a quarter from our house & only a half hour from his house.  We asked him if it was so great, why he didn't buy a place there.  He told us that buying there would create one major problem for him.  His in-laws had a condo there!!  We loved the place & bought it.

When Nameless II was just a few weeks old, her parents brought her out to the condo. Mike & Evie & their two young sons were visiting her folks at the beach & wanted to come over to see the baby.  Evie had apparently been very thorough about warning the boys not to be loud so that they wouldn't disturb the baby.  When I answered the door, the youngest (2 or 3 years old) assured me in a booming voice, "I BE QUIET!!"

One of my neighbors in Hueneme was a very nice woman who wore too much perfume.  She came to see the baby & insisted on holding her.  Nameless claimed (correctly) that the baby later smelled of perfume.  I'm sure my daughter's thoughts were, "Nice perfume, Mary, but why did you have to marinate it it?"

Some side notes on Mary: I knew we had a lot in common the first time I saw her house.  It was loaded with duck paraphernalia!!  Their anniversary was February 6th, the same as ours, but some years earlier.  Maybe.  She & her husband eloped to Las Vegas when she was a teenager. They got their license & went to an all night chapel late in the evening.  Each time the minister told them it was their turn, she was hesitant & they got back in line.  By the time she decided to go ahead & tie the knot, it was actually February 7th.  She celebrated their anniversary both days!!

PS—Re the Maui condo:  Small World Dept.  I was visiting with my new neighbors & one of them asked me where we lived when we weren’t in Hawaii.  I told her we lived in Los Angeles.  She said she had a sister there, told me her name & asked if we knew her.  (After all, there are only about 3,000,000 people in L. A.)  I said I didn’t know her & asked where she lived.  She told me.  Her sister lived EXACTLY one block from us!

This says Perry Como but it's actually Elvis:

Is it too soon to put this in here?

Be polite to everyone.  It's not that hard & it makes others look stupid if they're being an ass----fishducky