Monday, August 11, 2014


Homophones are two or more words that may or may not be spelled differently & are pronounced the same.  They have different meanings.

Sum some a lode of a load of Examples of homophones I thought of:

I had some chili in Chile because I was chilly.

The burro liked to burrow in the borough.  He wasn't really pompous, but he was from Argentina; that alone made him a pampas ass.

 Just leave the leaves; you’re due to do whatever you do with the dew.

Not only was the band banned, but the bard was also barred.

I have the right to write about the rite of a playwright.

He bawled when he discovered that the girl he balled was bald.

He can easily tell which doctor is the witch doctor; he knows he has a bone through his nose.

He was aweful of that awful offal.

She was at the peak of her pique, so the doctor agreed to take a peek, but to be honest, he was losing patience with his patients.

She wanted to wring his neck; the ring he had given her wasn't gold, just gilt, but he felt no guilt.

The cheap husband sent his wife perfume from his trip; the scent only cost one cent.

The Brooklyn ram was very generous with his belongings.  When his wives asked if they could borrow something, he always said, "Of course, youse ewes can use it." 

Even though he was just born, the new gnu knew who his mother was. 

He wasn't a very good boxer; he would faint at a feint.

It took forever for her to select a caramel; she just couldn't seem to choose her chews.

The horse’s groan had grown until it was hoarse.

The bride was so fat she needed the assistance of her assistants to alter the altar. 

Flu germs flew through the flue, making the old wretch retch.

She had seen the artist’s sea scene & wanted to see if the painting with the sail was for sale.

He had such a mean mien that no one wanted to stay at his hostile hostel.

She looked around, frightened, until the doctor caught her eyes & she knew he had to cauterize the wound.

Even though his intended was dressed in her bridal gown as she held his bridle, the whore's horse neighed "Nay" to the minister's questions. 

Peta just can’t bear it when a bear is bare.

I used to eat a lot of natural foods until I learned that most people die of natural causes----fishducky