Friday, September 19, 2014


(From my book, "Fishducky's Fables")

Many years ago in a faraway land there lived a family of fairies.  They had many, many children and were suddenly in need of a new source of income.  Their father was unable to work because he had broken his wings, so they were receiving small monthly payments from the government; a sort of early workman’s compensation system.

Their mother searched the house for something to sell so they could buy food for the family.  She couldn’t find anything that they did not need.  She asked her children to look through their things.  All they came up with were the baby teeth which had fallen out as their new teeth replaced them.  She told the children that no one would want to buy them, but the oldest begged her to let him go into the town and try to sell them.  She had no choice.  She gave him one tooth and sent him off.

He came home with a bean, which he told her was guaranteed to be magic.  His mother got angry and told him that one bean would not help in feeding their large family and threw the bean out of the window.  It really must have been magic, because the very next day, where the bean had landed, there was a tall beanstalk growing.  It reached up into the clouds.  He figured, what the heck, and climbed it to the top, where he saw a castle.  He went inside and found a hen.  He was just about to grab it and take it home for his mother to cook for dinner when a giant yelled, “What do you think you’re doing, you little thief?” and started chasing him.  He forgot all about the hen and ran for the beanstalk and climbed down as fast as he could.  Safely back home, he got his father’s ax and chopped down the beanstalk.

The next oldest looked at the remaining baby teeth and thought, “These would make pretty necklaces.  I bet I could sell some.”  She made a couple of samples and offered them on EBay.  They sold immediately, and for a good price.  With the profit, she bought all the baby teeth that had fallen out in her village.  She made more necklaces and sold all of them, too!  She needed more teeth for her fast growing business, so she gave her brothers and sisters some of the money she made (after giving her mother enough to buy food for the family) and instructed them to fly all over the world and buy teeth from the children who had just lost them.  

She had a couple of problems with delivery of the necklaces from EBay, so she decided to start her own corporation, ToothFairiesRUs, which was very successful.  Her father’s wings healed and he became the vice-president and general manager of the booming family business and they lived happily ever after and never went hungry again.

This has nothing to do with today's post.  I just got it in an email from my daughter-in-law.  Brian is my grandson.  It was printed in a local paper:

Before Cheshire took on Staples in last year’s Class LL state championship final, Cheshire senior Brian Fischer and his friends wanted to make sure the girls had the fan support they needed.

“We all came to my house, we painted our entire body red, put red shorts on and went to the game with Cheshire spelled on our chest,” he said.

Fischer is part of the Cheshire girls’ volleyball student section. He plays on the boys team and said showing Cheshire pride is important.

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