Monday, September 29, 2014

NOW THAT I'M 80...

I had a wonderful birthday Saturday.  First was my parade:

Then we went to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner.
I thought there was just going to be me & Bud, our son Blake &
Nameless & her husband & daughter but they had planned a small party:
There were 10 of us (all my favorite people) & balloons tied to the chairs:

Matt flew in from CT.  
He called me in the afternoon & told me he was stuck 
at home & couldn't come--he totally fooled me!!  
Here's me with my 3 kids:
Nameless also wants to be faceless:

They had a cake made with my picture on it:

After dinner we went home to open the rest of my presents.
We brought the balloons with us.
That's Nameless' daughter next to her.
She looks just like her mom, doesn't she?
Here's a closeup of the balloons.
They could only find them in Spanish:

Among other things, they gave me this picture.
It's big; I think 24"x36".
It doesn't look exactly like me, but I love it!!
We hung it in our dining room:


 ...these (stolen borrowed from Carolyn at http://amigoingsomeplace.blogspot.com) seem appropriate:

This is George Burn's view of aging:
Here are the lyrics:

At a bar down in Dallas an old man chimed in,
And I thought he was out of his head. 
Just being a young man I just laughed it off 
When I heard what that old man had said. 

He said I'll never again turn the young ladies heads, 
Or go running off into the wind.
I'm three quarters home from the start to the end. 
And I wish I was eighteen again.

I wish I was eighteen again,
And going where I've never been.
But old folks, and old oaks
Standing tall just pretend.
I wish I was eighteen again.

Now time turns the pages 
And oh, life goes so fast.
The years turn the black hair all grey.
I talked to some young folks, 
Hey they don't understand 
The words this old man's got to say.

I wish I was eighteen again,
And going where I've never been.
But old folks and old oaks 
Standing tall, just pretend.
I wish I was eighteen again.

Lord, I wish I was eighteen again!

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I used to be the picture of health, now I'm no longer on display----fishducky