Wednesday, November 12, 2014


A confusion of fishduckies

I'm sure you've all heard of a gaggle of geese & a pride of lions, but you may not be familiar with the actual names of these groups:

        1. A Congregation of Alligators

       2. A Cauldron of Bats

         3. A Sleuth of Bears

         4. A Flutter of Butterflies

        5. A Clowder of Cats

         6. A Coalition of Cheetahs

         7. A Harem of Chimpanzees

        8. A Quiver of Cobras

         9. An Intrusion of Cockroaches

         10. A Consortium of Crabs

        11. A Murder of Crows

         12. A Convocation of Eagles

        13. A Battalion of Falcons

         14. A Business of Ferrets

         15. A Skulk of Foxes

         16. A Tower of Giraffes

        17. A Horde of Hamsters

        18. A Thunder of Hippos

         19. A Cackle of Hyenas

         20. A Shadow of Jaguars

         21. A Bloom of Jellyfish

         22. A Court of Kangaroos

         23. A Conspiracy of Lemurs

         24. A Risk of Lobsters

         25. A Scourge of Mosquitoes

         26. A Wisdom of Owls

         27. A Prickle of Porcupines

        28. A Nursery of Raccoons

        29. A Maelstrom of Salamanders

         30. A Shoal of Seahorses

         31. A Shiver of Sharks

         32. A Hood of Snails

        33. An Audience of Squid

         34. A Cream of Turkeys

         35. A Pot of Water Buffalo


There are many other groups that as of yet have not been given names.  Here are some of my proposals:

A flash of streakers
An ogle of strippers
A penmanship of forgers
A giggle of cartoonists
A suture of surgeons
An owwie of dentists
An anorexia of fashion models
A babble of bloggers
A hammer of handymen
A gas of anesthesiologists
A rotisserie of chefs
An objection of lawyers
A belly of beer drinkers
An unemployment of musicians
A disappearance of magicians
A pondering of consultants
A woof of dogs
A multiplication of mathematicians
A pfffft of burst balloons
A snowfall of dandruff
A scratch of bug bites
A knead of masseurs
An alteration of tailors
A curl of hairdressers
A flush of poker players
A disintegration of senior citizens
A dunk of basketball players
A ballast of sumo wrestlers


Costello: Do we have to milk that bunch of cows?
Abbott: That's not a bunch, that's a herd.
Costello: Heard of what?
Abbott: Herd of cows.
Costello: Of course I've heard of cows.
Abbott: No, not heard of cows, that's a cow herd.
Costello: What's a cow heard? I don't care what a cow's heard, I haven't said anything to be ashamed of.

I wake up every day planning on being productive & then a voice in my head says, "Ha, ha, good one!" & we laugh & take a nap----fishducky