Thursday, August 27, 2015

IN CASE YOU'RE LOOKING TO BUY A GIFT FOR ME... birthday is September 27th--one month from today--which should give you plenty of time to shop.  If I remember correctly, you didn't get me anything last year!!  You probably thought that I would be to hard to shop for, but that's not so.  Let me give you some gift suggestions (most of which were found on BuzzFeed):

First, let me show you a few things I don't really want:

A light-up spatula for romantic midnight grilling.

A gadget that makes eggs square.

A gizmo for making ice cream while driving.

Face candles

Barbie with a brain

This might be OK for Christmas.

I'm afraid I'd get my money dirty.

Someone might squeeze a lemon on me & dip me in butter.

I definitely don't an earwax vacuum!!

Or a horse head squirrel feeder,
unless they make one big enough for Bud!!

These might be acceptable:

A luggage tag for the world traveler.
A watch that tells the damn truth.

A T-shirt that celebrates the important things in life.

Something to support my back and my ego.

Something that keeps my wine glass from emptying.

Or, when I'd rather have a margarita, a glass that will keep it chilled.

But if you happen to have lots of these

you might consider getting me:

Gold  plated staples to make it easier to continue my fine work.

A crocodile skin umbrella.

Any of the three vehicles above so I can have something simple
 & unassuming to run errands in.

Something sparkly, like this 100.20 carat diamond.

Something to quench my thirst.

And/or something infinitely more practical!!
Surprise me!!

He who laughs last, thinks slowest----fishducky 



  1. The gifts you don't want would be fun to regift though.
    And an early happy birthday. May your sense of humour never diminish.

    1. I'll be 81--not too many of my senses are left!!

  2. All of those gifts are stupid...except for the flashlight spatula, I have one of those and use it for grilling in the winter.

    1. We don't grill any more--take out & leftovers are ALREADY cooked!!

  3. Gotta like that pee buddy considering some of the public toilets and it appears purse sized. Might be handy for camping too. Actually I liked a lot of these but then I am intrigued by gadgets.

    1. I am also a gadgetaholic, but there has to be some reasonable use for them!!

  4. Replies
    1. I actually thought of you when I put that one in!!

  5. I like the Freedom to Stand pee cups. I am sure some are snickering at this, but perhaps they have not gone camping, or been at the side of the road with flat tire.

    1. That's why they were on my "maybe" list!!

  6. I will have nightmares about the face candles!

  7. Never put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear.


    1. My elbow won't fit in my ear--I've tried!!

  8. I like the thought of you riding around in that gold coloured car. Not too sure about gold toilet paper though, seems like a waste.
    My mum used to make square eggs by putting the warm boiled eggs in ice cube trays, covering with a heavy tray and putting the whole shebang in the fridge to get cold.

    1. You think it was only gold colored & not real gold? Take it off the list!!


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