Thursday, October 22, 2015


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Many of you younger people probably have never heard of Allan Sherman.  He died in 1973, ten days before his 50th birthday & the world lost a great comedic talent.  He didn't do standup--he wrote song parodies.  This first video is about 5 1/2 minutes long & has snippets of his songs. You may recognize the tunes but the lyrics are all his.  It will give you an idea of his work:

This is probably his most famous.
It's "Hello Muddah Hello, Fadduh".
The melody is "Dance of the Hours".

Here's a bunch more for you.
The original song is in parentheses:

There Is Nothing Like a Lox
(There Is Nothing Like a Dame)

Won't You Come Home, Disraeli
(Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey)

When You Walk Through the Bronx
(You'll Never Walk Alone)

Harvey and Sheila (Hava Nagila)

The Streets of Miami (The Streets of Laredo)

The Ballad of Harry Lewis

(The Battle Hymn Of The Republic)

Shake Hands With Your Uncle Max (Dear Old Donegal)

Overweight People  (Over the Rainbow)

Seventy-Six Sol Cohen's (Seventy-Six Trombones)


I used to go to the opera & I'll tell you this much, they don’t like it when you join in----fishducky



  1. Oh the memories.
    My parents often sang hello mudduh, hello fadduh... I never knew it was sung to Dance of the Hours though.

  2. I think the thing with the conductor just waving his hands is true.

  3. I loved Allan Sherman and miss his good natured songs and humor.

  4. I use to enjoy Allan Sherman but didn't realize he passed so young. I was a camp counselor in the 70's so his song "Hello mudder" was sung a lot by the kids.

    1. He died in 1973--probably while you & the kids were singing his songs!!

  5. I remember him from when I first came to America. Didn't he have a song about the Kennedys? I also remember many of the songs you posted. He was really, really great. I didn't realize he had died so young.

    1. I couldn't find any song about the Kennedy's, but supposedly JFK was once caught singing one of his songs in a hotel lobby!!

  6. I remember Allan Sherman, he died far too young. A whole generation of children who could have heard him in person, missed out. Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh got a lot of airplay out here when it was released.


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