Tuesday, January 20, 2015


(Selected from assorted BuzzFeed articles)

The people who thought, "No one will ever think it's a knock-off""

This woman who made her own Halloween costume:

This guy who offered to hold the board so she could break it:

This dog who needs to find someone his own size:

Sometimes even the majesty of Mother Nature 
comes into question, such as:

This graceful elk:

The delicate, sure-footed bumblebee:

And this amazing panoramic view of San Francisco:

I realize you don't have to have a PhD in English to work at Mickey D's, but:

There are some architects who belong in here, too!!
Like the guy who designed this safety rail:

Or this security gate:

This emergency exit:

Or this inaccessible door:

Let us not forget our friends, the tweeters & texters
whose brilliance is obvious:

If you want to see some really clever stuff they 
 didn't teach you in school, click here. 

Excuse me, I'm going to go & have an enter lectual conversation with Rosetta Stone----fishducky