Tuesday, March 31, 2015


It's legends week, from my book "Fishducky's Fables".

Once, many years ago, there was a handsome, kind, generous, caring (and a lot of other good things) young man.  His name was Androcles and he was taken as a slave when he was very young.  His master was cruel and Androcles wanted to control his own life, so one day he escaped.  He ran into the forest.  He knew it would be hard to find him there.

While walking down a path he came upon three bears.  One was quite large, another a little smaller and the third was a mere cub.  They were all holding their stomachs and moaning and groaning.  They frightened Androcles and he started to slowly back away, as he had been warned to do upon encountering bears.  None of the three seemed interested in attacking him, and they seemed to be in so much distress that, good person that he was, he went up to them to see if he could be of any help. 

He asked them if their discomfort was caused by thorns in their paws, which can be very painful.  The largest bear said, between a small moan and an extremely large groan, “No, we have no thorns.  It’s just that we are all so very hungry!  You see,” he went on to explain, “We are vegetarians.  All we have been eating is a delicious porridge that my wife, here, cooks for us every morning.  While it’s cooling, we all go out for a walk.  It’s important that bears get adequate exercise, you know.  Anyhow, several days ago, when we got back home, we found a beautiful blond human girl sound asleep in our son’s bed.  She had eaten up all our porridge and then she went to sleep!  No matter how loudly and ferociously we roar and growl, she refuses to leave.  I think she guessed that we were vegetarians and that we wouldn’t eat her and she says the daily porridge is yummy.  Can you help us?  We’re so hungry!”

Androcles said, “I’ll see what I can do about the blond.”  Meanwhile, he gave them some granola bars and a few bottles of Ensure that he had in his backpack.  He went into their house and woke up the girl, whose name was Goldilocks, and told her that what she was doing was very wrong.  He gave her a few dollars and told her about the homeless shelter that was down the road and said that they would care for her until she could find a job.  She thanked Androcles, apologized to the bears and left.

Androcles had taken care of their problem, so he continued on his way.  A week or two later he was captured.  As a runaway slave, he was sentenced to be placed in the arena to be devoured by wild animals.  The animals who were scheduled to eat him happened to be the three bears, who were caught as they were on their pre-breakfast walk.  The authorities hadn’t fed them for three days so that they would be very hungry.   They told the bears that there would be someone something to eat inside and they released them into the arena.  They ran out and they saw Androcles.  There was no way they could eat him, being both meat and a friend, so instead they gave him a big group bear hug.  

The crowd went wild and demanded that the authorities give Androcles and the bears their freedom!  Not only did they do that, they gave Androcles a prepaid American Express card as a way of apology.  He took the card and asked the bears, “You guys want to go out for a pizza?  It’s on me!”

Ever stop to think & forget to start again?----fishducky