Tuesday, April 21, 2015


(A reworked post from June, 2013)

Without a doubt, birds are the biggest perpetrators
of unwanted poop.  Would that make them “poopetrators”?

How birds see us:

A bird’s version of potty training:

   Maybe you should be nicer to your husband:

They’re into politics, too:
I don’t want to offend anyone.  Please feel free
to change the top 3 names to the administration of your choice.

We all know how much they love cars:

 Birds aren’t the only of nature’s creatures to give us potty problems:

(This reminds me of a poem from my childhood.  If you have
trouble reading it, I’ve put a “translation” at the end of this post—
or you could ask your children to read it to you.)
A b, c d goldfish?
L, m n o goldfish!
O, s, a, r!  S, a, r!
                                                                   C, m, p, n?

To learn the meaning of the phrase,
"When the shit hits the fan"
(Thanks, Susan!!)
For an informative video about the dung beetle,

When one of my granddaughters was being toilet trained, her daddy put her on her baby potty (on the floor) & left the room for a minute.  When he returned, she was sitting there reading a magazine, upside down.  (The magazine was upside down, not my granddaughter.)  This isn’t her, but it’s pretty close:

I’ll leave you with some people who have something you never have—
a poopy attitude:

And, of course, this is NEVER you:

(The poem)
Abie, see the goldfish?
Hell, them ain’t no goldfish!
Oh, yes, they are!  Yes, they are!
See ‘em peein’?

I apologize for this post----fishducky