Monday, May 25, 2015


Were you ever so hungry that you could literally eat a horse?  How often do you get so much information that your brain literally explodes?  Are those new boots you saw online literally to die for?  Was something ever so stupid that it literally drove you crazy? I don't think so!!  Neither does BuzzFeed--see below for examples of people who perhaps took things a little too literally:

The chef who designed this house salad:

No sense actually stocking no salt:

It doesn't say chocolate chips: 

This sign is probably appropriate for the cemetery:
 Technically a coffeepot:

These next two seem logical:

Thumb tacks:

Never take "Drive-Thru" this literally:

And finally--a licence plate:

Did you ever literally die laughing?
Some cartoons for you:

It's Memorial Day.
Take a moment to remember our fallen heroes.

I think I want a job cleaning mirrors--it's just something I could literally see myself doing----fishducky