Thursday, August 6, 2015


If you think that all marriages start out like this:

And have to end up like this, you're wrong:

Being married is sometimes like having an annoying roommate and every little thing bugs you. But sometimes it’s like having a constant sleepover with your best friend.  Today is our 60th & 1/2 wedding anniversary (we were married 2/6/55) & it's amazing how not sick we are of each other yet.  I guess we no longer qualify as newlyweds.  Of course, it doesn't hurt our relationship that our eyesight is going:

Or that our hearing losses keep conversations interesting. 

This is an actual conversation we had about my medications a couple of months ago--at least, this is the way we heard it:

Bud: These meds are made in India!!

Me: So?  Cows do fine work.

Bud: Llamas.

Me: Llamas are in Peru!!

Bud: I said "Brahmas".

Me: Barrack Obrahma?

Of course, we always take life seriously &
still dress properly for any occasion.  
This is us at our nephew's recent 60th birthday party:

Like many other young couples, 
we had a burning desire to be married:

Our parents weren't sure we were made for each other:

We had a traditional ceremony:

We followed all the rules of happy marriages
that had been handed down worldwide for centuries:

After several years my husband decided to assert himself:

Of course, that caused problems.
We didn't communicate as well:

We had grown apart:

We thought about going our own ways:

But that created other problems:

It was then that we realized how much 
we truly needed each other:

We no longer needed words to communicate:

We love each other for who we are:

Did you know:

Oldyweds can still enjoy 
those playful little romantic moments:

I never knew what real happiness was until I got married…then it was too late----fishducky