Tuesday, November 24, 2015


My computer on a recent occasion
could not complete a simple application
so in preparation for this presentation
I had a short communication
with some outsourced repair station
can you imagine my frustration
when this dreaded conversation
soon became an abomination
when the agent, whom I believe was Asian,
or else of Indian persuasion,
asked me if I were Caucasian
with some obvious trepidation
yet trying to avoid a conflagration
I asked why my coloration
should be part of the equation
my immediate inclination
was that I felt it was an invasion
of my personal situation
she said it was not her intention
to cause me any apprehension
but she had asked me a simple question,
“Can you wait?” which my elderly ears’ translation
said, “Are you white?” (an aberration!!)
it was not due to inattention
yet I caused my own aggravation
and the subsequent confrontation
with this child of another nation
because of her strange inflection
I couldn’t understand her directions
which brought the call to its culmination
in summation,
I would rather have had a conversation
with the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s
division of tax evasion
if there are further complications
I’ll not again in desperation
put myself in this situation
I now make this stipulation
instead I’ll call a blood relation,
my son, who’s an English speaker by persuasion
I give to him my commendation
he will again be my salvation
after a short consultation
he has given me his affirmation
that he’ll sort out this complication
and, if it’s any consolation,
he’ll save me the degradation
and, indeed, the devastation
of suffering the indignation
of a forced relocation
to a nursing home where the accommodations
are for those of my generation
by my calculations
I would not be in this situation
if these outsourced conversations
were handled in some nation
where English was spoken without hesitation
instead of sounding like an incantation
I realize that these people of foreign origination
who have received much education 
are hired because of financial consideration
but their accents cause such tremendous consternation
let me make this observation
which I have reached after cogitation
as a way of self-preservation
if there were a termination
of these outsourced communications
I could get my own information!!

My dream is to never again hear a male voice say, "Hello, my name is Peggy; may I help you?"----fishducky