Monday, December 28, 2015


In case you were busy for whatever reason Friday & you missed my post, you can catch it here.  Go ahead--it's funny!!

I'm sure that no one deliberately bought you any knock-off gifts, but it could have happened accidentally.  Even getting a fake present would be better than this:

Some manufacturers of knock-off products are so clever it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between their products & the real thing.  Check out these products below & see if you're able to identify which are the "fake" ones:

(Hint) If it was purchased through this phone call,
it was probably fake:

In general, some stores are not to be completely trusted:

But if there's a plaque on the building,
you can believe it.

However, unless you have a very discerning eye,
these may be more difficult.

An Apple computer or a very clever fake?
You tell me.

A true brand name handbag?
It's hard to tell.

But who autographed it--God or Jesus?
I wish they could have been more specific.

Did the "Hello Kitty" line grow up?  Your call.

Don't you hate it when birds are ill-tempered?

Justin Timberlank is at the top of the charts.

This one is obvious.
It should have been "Frans Tormers".

People have loved him for years.

This brand is as popular as Nicky.

Let's be fair--maybe the owner just needs glasses.

However, some people will deliberately lie to you.

But you can always trust the U. S. mail to tell you the truth.
Most images courtesy BuzzFeed

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at your Christmas dinner

This has been a 100% genuine fishducky post (probably)!!

Worst Christmas present ever: a set of batteries with a note on it saying “Toys not included.”----fishducky