Thursday, January 7, 2016


(Reworked form a 2013 post &, as always, with new cartoons) 

I’ve found a solution to my major problem, & to think it came from that smartass know-it-all genius Bart Simpson.  Even a used brain would be fine, but I don’t have access to pathology labs.  Can anyone help me?  Here’s all I would have to do:

Or maybe I don’t really need one.
He seems fine!!

I was taking my shower this morning & I got to wondering (now you see why I want that brain) if everybody washes their body in the same order or is it just me?  I got in the shower, took my sponge in my left hand & washed the entire right side of my upper body.  (I’m left handed so I always wash my right side first.)  Then I switched the sponge to my right hand & washed my upper left side.  Back it went into my left hand & I washed my right leg, then back again for my right leg.  Am I the only one who does this--which wouldn’t surprise me--or do normal people have a set routine for bathing, too?

Speaking of wanting and/or needing a brain, my father’s lady friend, Dorothy, was not the sharpest knife in the drawer.  She & my dad were with us when we took the entire family on an Alaskan cruise.  On the cruise with us, but not as our guests, were Lady Bird Johnson (the widow of President Lyndon Johnson) & her contingent of Secret Service agents.  Prior to setting off, everyone had to attend the lifeboat drill.  We were standing next to Mrs. Johnson during the drill.  Her face was apparently familiar to Dorothy, who turned to her & said, “I know you from somewhere!  Are you a customer at Steve’s Beauty Salon in Hollywood?”  Mrs. Johnson sweetly replied, “No, dear—I’m from Texas!”

This is the patch we had made
for our “uniform” jackets & caps:

Another example of someone who could use a brain insertion: My dad used to work in my uncle’s grocery store.  One day a man came in & asked for half & half.  Nothing odd about that, right?  Wrong!!  He pronounced it “Haff & Hoff”!!  Maybe he had one British parent.

And someone I wished had a brain (& a heart): Bud & I ran the local Cub Scout pack.  At an assembly in the school auditorium we asked each boy’s parents to register & to tell us what they could do to help.  The attorney father of one boy wrote on his slip, “Can’t help.  Work full time.”  Our boys were then 8 years old—nobody we knew was yet retired!! He refused to even give us his phone number in case of an emergency.  His son was in my den.  We held our meetings in the evening.  One evening it was pouring rain—much too heavy for the boys to come over.  We called everyone but him to cancel.  His dad buzzed by & dropped him off before I could catch him.  His son had to call him for a ride home.  Later that evening I got a call from his father, who was irate.  He yelled at me for making him go out twice in the storm when there wasn’t even a meeting that night!  How inconsiderate of me!!

Good luck on getting this song out of your head:

A schematic of my brain:

I'd explain how my brain works, but then yours would explode----fishducky



  1. Some parents are amazing, aren't they? Beyond belief that the dad wouldn't give you his phone number, but I know it's true. One of my sisters used to live in Austin. She happened across Lady Bird in the grocery store. I was rather surprised that she did her own grocery shopping, but I think she was always quite down to earth. Do you know Lady Bird's real name? No cheating with Google.


    1. I didn't check anywhere, but I think it's Claudia!!

  2. I do have a shower routine! Similar to yours except I'm right-handed so wash my upper left side first, but always wash my right leg before my left and my face gets done last.
    I love that brain schematic, I watched it for a while just like last time.
    My brain is a Leo, so it sleeps a lot.

  3. part of your brain diagram looks like pac man but I'm still looking for the coffee pot lol

    1. If you find one, please let me know--I could use a cup!!

  4. Soap top to bottom, not right to left, but then i'm ambidextrous.

  5. Of course I have a bathroom routine. And a getting dressed routine. Always put my right leg in pants first.
    Your brain is a lot more active than mine.

  6. Maybe that is why my baths take so long. I have no routine after face and ears. I tend to soak my self in really hot water till I'm in a stupor, then go at it hodgepodge.

  7. As committee chair of our boy scout troop... I'm feeling your pain! We have a handful who are amazing.... the others I wonder how they manage to survive on their own, much less raise young'ins.


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