Friday, February 19, 2016


Donald & I were born the same year!!

(Reworked from a November, 2012 post.  I'm 81 years old--you can't expect me to write 5 completely new posts a week!!)

Some of you young punks fine, upstanding young people might wonder if those of us who are on in years still enjoy playing games.  The answer to that is a resounding YES!!  Of course, some changes might have to be made because of our senility limited capabilities.   Following are some childhood games & today’s options, which still allow us hours of fun.

What we used to play:
What we play now:

(From the internet)

Follow the leader
Follow the leaker

Capture the flag
Capture the hag

Musical chairs
Musical wheelchairs

King of the hill
King of over the hill

Tag, you’re it
Sag, you’re it
Pin the tail on the donkey
Pin the toupee on the bald guy
Twenty Questions
Twenty Questions shouted into your good ear

Red rover, red rover, can I come over?
Red rover, red rover, the nurse says bend over

Kick the can
Kick the bucket

Duck, duck, goose
Doc, doc, goose

Simon says
Simon says something incoherent

Musical chairs
Musical recliners

Hide and go seek
Hide and go pee

Spin the bottle
Spin the bottle of Mylanta

(From my brain)

Scavenger hunt
Spectacles hunt

Bean bag toss
Spicy lunch toss


Telephone call
Call 911

Hula hoop
Had a hip replacement

Have some scotch

Chutes and Ladders
Shoot; my bladder

Hearing aids

Ping pong
Bring a bong

Post office
Moved to assisted living facility

Name that tune
Name that prescription

Actually, we can still lead a very full life
 & are able to continue doing 
many of the things we’ve always done.

We can still have fun even though the focus
of our enjoyment sometimes changes:

   We’re able to do our own shopping:

We’re very good drivers:

 I have to admit doctor’s visits are a little different:

We still will play occasional harmless pranks:

We know we always look good:

Sometimes we're not too good with children:

Many of us still lead a very active sex life:

We are still into sports:

 Unfortunately, as you get older, it can be more difficult to keep pets:

And we have this to look forward to:

I have to go now.  They’re serving Jello tonight here at Shady Rest & I don’t want to miss it----fishducky



  1. Musical recliners have a LOT of charm.

  2. I had a real belly laugh at the wind-up pacemaker! Imagine if his wife got cross and only wound him a bit at a time until she felt better!

  3. Anybody want to Jump Rope?

  4. I really chuckled at the tattoo explanation joke. I always wonder what some of these on young girls would look like when they are sagging a bit.

  5. Good ones, but I think Kick the Bucket should come last.

    I designed a game of twister for old people, It only has one large yellow circle.

  6. I can relate to the "Sag, You're It" and "Musical Recliners," but I'm in no hurry to play "Kick the Bucket." My hubby and I DO play "Kick the Pine Cone" when we walk around the neighborhood, though. (Yes, I'm sure the kids around here think we're nuts.)

    Love the cartoons. Especially the one about the rump roast.

  7. Walter groping and the tattoo one gave me the giggles.

  8. "Wake up! The cat's got your teeth!" Ha!! Thanks for the laughs.

  9. Follow the leaker, and shoot, by bladder! My favorites, along with that proctologist pinata, which is so very wrong!

    1. I understand from your posts that you can probably relate to these!!

    2. Sharing one bathroom with 8 other women, and only 4 minutes between classes to do your business...YES! I can relate.


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