Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Not those moons--this moon:

Which looks like this as it goes through its phases:

It is constantly changing.
In fact, in Shakespeare's play, "Romeo and Juliet",
Juliet says to Romeo, “O, swear not by the moon, the fickle moon, 
the inconstant moon, that monthly changes in her circle orb, 

Lest that thy love prove likewise variable”

This is one of the most popular theories of
how the moon was born:

Earth has only one moon, which seems to be enough for us.
Neither Mercury or Venus have any moons at all,
while Jupiter has 63 of them which seems a little like hoarding.

Michael Jackson did a Moonwalk:

Native Americans used their word for moon
to mean a month:

It is in books both for children & adults:

Moon Day, which commemorates the landing
of the first men on the moon on July 20, 1969 
is celebrated on July 20 every year. 

According to astrology, if the moon is in your house
you will need a much larger house:

Wolves don't really howl at the moon.
The presence of the moon when a wolf howls, as it turns out, 
is purely coincidental and circumstantial.
“Canine experts have found no connection between the phases of the moon 
and wolf howling,” writes Animal Planet. 
Wolves pipe up more often during the night because they're nocturnal." 

In the movie, "Arthur" Linda Morolla (Liza Minnelli)
said that when she was little she thought the moon followed her.
That's silly.
It follows me!!

Skygazers were treated to a rare astronomical event on September 27, 2015 when a swollen "supermoon" and lunar eclipse combined for the first time in decades, showing the moon bathed in blood-red light. The celestial show, visible from the Americas, Europe, Africa, west Asia and the east Pacific, was the result of the sun, Earth and a larger-than-life, extra-bright moon lining up for just over an hour from 0211 GMT. The total "supermoon" lunar eclipse, also known as a "blood moon" is one that appears bigger and brighter than usual as it reaches the point in its orbit that is closest to Earth.

I can't forget one of my favorite movies.
It may be a favorite because it brings back great memories.
After my son Matt's wedding to my much loved daughter-in-law, Linda, there were about a dozen of us (but not the newlyweds) sitting & lying on the king sized bed in our hotel suite eating pizza & watching "Moonstruck" on TV.

Stick with me--you'll learn something----fishducky



  1. Calls to the crisis line DO pick up dramatically at the full moon. They are often stranger too.

  2. Replies
    1. My Italian son-in-law thinks that song is hysterical!!

  3. Fun post, and Moonstruck is one of my favorite movies.

  4. Jules Verne and his book about flying to the moon? Am I correct? Never read that one, but read others.

    My brother and I were going to fly to the moon. We had an apple crate, stuck a corn cob in one handle for the nose cone. Then we blew up bread bags for air, made peanut butter sandwiches. It was only when he squeezed himself into the box that we realized there were some errors in our thinking.

    1. He wrote "From the Earth to the Moon" in 1865.

      Sounds about right to me--what error?

  5. Peeing on the moon...funny concept.

  6. 63? That's awfully selfish on Jupiter's part. Isn't that big hot spot enough? I'd be thrilled to have a big hot spot. Sigh.

    I really like the blood moon photo, though.

    Cheers, Fishducky. Be well.

    1. I used to have (or be) a big hot spot while I was going through the change!!

  7. My son Genius, age 4, asked me if I'd ever been to the moon.

    "No. How would I get there?"

    "Mom. It's easy. All you need is a little tree. Then you bend it over and sit on the top. Tie a rope to the ground, and when you cut the rope, you'll go to the moon!"

  8. Speaking of Astrology, how do I know if or when the moon is in my house? I'm not good at understanding all the different planet/moon positions and what they mean. I just know I like looking at a full moon.

    1. It would probably knock down all the walls & get your landlord VERY upset!!

  9. Now peeing on the moon would be something to put on your resume:)

    1. Are you supposed to put ALL the places you've peed on your resume?


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