Tuesday, April 19, 2016


In the fairly early years of their marriage, my son Matt (who is a diabetic, like his mother) & his wife Linda (who is a licensed physical therapist & certified exercise fanatic) decided to go with friends on a 50 mile bike ride.  Linda was in great shape--Matt, not so much.  He had skipped breakfast; not a good idea for a diabetic.  My son, of course, crapped out after not too many miles.  Linda gave him some fruit & water out of her fanny pack & made sure that he was all right.  They agreed that he would wait there & that she would meet him on her way back.  I told him that next time he took a 50 mile ride he should take some bananas.  He told me, "Next time I take a 50 mile ride, I'll take a car!!"

Fast forward 20 or 25 years.
This is Matt & Linda now.
Diabetes comes in Type 1 & Type 2.
They are working to get rid of it & make it Type None, 
as it says on Matt's shirt:

They now take 100 mile bike rides to help fund a cure for diabetes.  
The money they raise goes to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).  Last year they rode in Death Valley (Yes--it was hot!!) 
& this year it is a repeat of rides they've done in Burlington, Vt.  
In the past three years Team Fish has raised over $50,000 for this worthy cause!!  

There are new members of Team Fish this year:

Allow me to identify them for you:

Mikerel--My nephew Mike
Hopalong--My niece Teri, survivor of many surgeries
Flounder--My son Blake
Brifische--My grandson Brian
E-Fish out of water--Mike's wife Evie
Lisafisch--My granddaughter Lisa

Here's a picture of Blake on his bike.
He has since bought a new one:

Let's hope nobody does this:

The ride is July 9, but feel free to contribute now!!

An important message from Matt:

"We'll happily accept donations from your loyal readers at"

Some funny stuff about bikes and/or diabetes:

There must be a better way to start the day than getting out of bed----fishducky


  1. Yay for Team Fish.
    Long may they ride.

  2. This is great! Go Team Fish!

  3. I really feel the time for type none is very close with pancreas cell transplants. Congrats on your kids for putting so much of their energy into this cause. One hundred miles is awesome. Be proud mom.

    1. I AM proud--I am kvelling (that's Yiddish for being so proud you are bubbling over)!!

  4. Go Team Fish!! That is awesome! :)

  5. I don't even like to ride 50 miles in a car.

    1. You would have a difficult time in Team Fish!!

  6. I'm also a diabetic but I've been working hard to get rid of it and my numbers are now in an acceptable range.

    1. That's good, but Type None is BETTER!!

    2. That's great that your numbers are good, but unfortunately controlling it and getting rid of it are two different things, one of which is possible. Type 2 can sometimes be controlled with diet and exercise to the point where no medication is required to treat it. Type 1's will all need insulin for life (actually everyone needs it, non-diabetics produce their own. Keep up the good work and hopefully some day there will be a cure for all of us - the advances made in the last few years are very exciting!!

  7. Go team fish.
    I would take the car too.

    1. You DID notice I'm not riding, didn't you?

  8. made my day by my laughing over the top!

  9. I feel so sorry for that poor kid on the back of Daddy's bike!
    I'd love to donate, but my bank balance tells me I shouldn't.


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