Wednesday, April 13, 2016


For some reason didn't run this yesterday, so here it is today!!

There are many dog breeds with specialized jobs.  They are bred to guard us & to search for drugs, bodies & explosives.  They herd sheep & even lead the vision impaired.  They comfort people in hospitals & retirement homes.  They can open doors & fetch things for the handicapped.  The list is seemingly endless.  Many of us, however, think that cats are inherently useless except as a pet or, at best, a mouse catcher.  BuzzFeed claims this is not true.  Here are some of the many uses they suggest for a cat:

An iPhone holder:

A scarf:

A self-heating beanie:

A twerk trainer:

A tabletop:

A beer holder:

An app that tells you when you’ve been 
on the computer for too long:

A babysitter:

A personal body guard:

A chauffeur:

A seat warmer:

An alarm clock:

A designated driver:

A hangover helper: 

They also can just be a friend:

Cats are very willing students:

The government is training some cats to be spies:

Medical schools are finally offering
psychiatric degrees for cats:

My favorite cat job is the laundry assistant:

Maybe you should get a cat.
They pack easily for travel:

And can be stored for future use:

Warning:  Do not purchase their food in bulk:

Sometimes they will give you a present:
(Thanks, Michele!!)

You know that little voice in your head that keeps you from saying things you shouldn't?  Yeah, well, I don't have one of those!!----fishducky



  1. typical business fat cat; 25,000 on milk (*~*)

  2. Classics. I need one of those twerk trainers :)

  3. Will do nothing for food!!
    I almost spit my coffee on the keyboard! :)

    1. It's wise to have a rag handy when you read my posts!!

  4. Far Side cartoons are the best! You may be surprised that they appeal to my sense of humor.
    Okay, you're probably not surprised.

  5. They obviously didn't ask any of those cats to do those things pictured or the wouldn't have done it.

  6. Several of those functions are more than adequately filled by the felines who rule this house.
    And the 'I can't eat that food any longer' is very, very true.

  7. Minnie is the ultimate seat warmer. The second I stand up, my seat is taken and she gives me the look daring me to even think of wanting it back. Gotta love em.

    1. I think you've got that turned around--you're HER seat warmer!!


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