Tuesday, May 3, 2016


I'm not that good at puzzles, but the pieces all seem to fit together.
Does this look right to you?

Here's an easy one; pillow talk:

BuzzFeed recently posted a bunch of rebuses (picture puzzles) that are not nearly as easy.  In fact, although I am a genious a jenius a geenius very smart, I could only figure out a little more than half of them.  I sent emails to my family asking for their help in finding out the answers.  My son Matt called me within 10 minutes with the rest of the answers.  (He's apparently much smarter than I thought he was!!)  Here is their list with the answers at the bottom, but don't cheat--try to get them yourself:

1. Let’s start easy. What’s this?

Let's start easy. What's this?

2. Can you figure this one out?

Can you figure this one out?

3. What about this one?

Via imgur.com

4. OK, how about now?

OK, how about now?

5. Or this?

Or this?

6. Can you get this?

Can you get this?
Via smosh.com

7. Hey, if you made it this far, you’re doing well. Can you get this?

Hey, if you made it this far, you're doing well. Can you get this?

8. Great job. Honestly…

Great job. Honestly...

9. Does this make sense to you?

Does this make sense to you?

10. What about this?

What about this?

11. What would Anne say?

What would Anne say?
Kevork Djansezian / Reuters

12. What’s the pun here?

What's the pun here?

13. What is this trying to say?

What is this trying to say?

14. Or this?

Or this?

15. Isn’t this GROSS?

Isn't this GROSS?

16. What about this? It’s my favorite animal:

What about this? It's my favorite animal:

17. LOL. You’ll never get this one.

LOL. You'll never get this one.
Via imgur.com

18. Can you speak musician?

Can you speak musician?

19. Have you made it this far? Or have you…

Have you made it this far? Or have you...

20. Can you figure this out?

Can you figure this out?

21. Or this one? Definitely my favorite Batman.

Or this one? Definitely my favorite Batman.

22. What about this one? Here’s a hint: It’s a city.

What about this one? Here's a hint: It's a city.

23. Try this one:

Try this one:

24. And hell, try this one, too:

And hell, try this one, too:

25. Can you figure this one out?

Can you figure this one out?

26. Can you figure out which artist Michael is channeling?

Can you figure out which artist Michael is channeling?

27. Or this?

Or this?

28. What about this “Big” pun?

What about this "Big" pun?

And, honestly, if you’re wondering, it’s true: This whole post was…

And, honestly, if you're wondering, it's true: This whole post was...
Via imgur.com

My (& Matt's) answers:
1. Peter Pan
2. Bucket list
3. Plot twist
4. Starbucks
5. I'm on a roll
6. Highlight of my day
7. Space bar
8. Adorable
9. An incomplete murder of crows (Three or more constitute a murder [group] of crows)
10. Legendary
11. Anne Hathaway
12. Radish
13. Dr. Seuss' "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish"
14. Plan foiled
15. (IP) I pee in the shower
16. Flamingo
17. LMAO 
18. Bee flat
19. Rewritten (or repeated) history
20. Tangerine
21. Christian Bale
22. Moscow
23. Paul Walker
24. Chainsaw
25. 3D
26. Michelangelo
27. Cinco de Mayo
28. Bigfoot caught on tape
And the last picture:

Some puzzle cartoons for you:



  1. Some I knew, some were epic fails.
    I did know tangerine. Which would have made two in that maths class.
    And sudoko wouldn't improve an MRI. Only unconsciousness would improve them. For a non-invasive medical test they do my head in.

    1. I wouldn't mind MRI's if it weren't for the constant banging noises!!

  2. Willie Maze!
    I got Peter Pan right away and thought to myself, this is easy. then I scrolled down, down, down, I only got twelve correct answers :(
    Like EC, I did get tangerine and I almost got the incomplete murder of crows. I know a group is a murder, but didn't remember how many constitutes a group.
    I like crossword puzzles, but can't do the cryptic ones. I mostly do the code cracker type. Sudokus are beyond me.

    1. That's why I had to ask my family for help!!

  3. According to your revised map, I'm living in Georgia. I think people in "New" Georgia will not enjoy the weather here.

    1. I'm in California, which is just south of Maryland!!

  4. I got most of them, but my brain hurts. Now I live in Illinois again. Nooooooo.


    1. Don't you hate it when your brain starts to bleed? I know I do--it's so hard to apply a Band-Aid!!

  5. Hum, I use to think I was smart. If 70% is eking by, I didn't eke. Good thing I don't have to earn a living these days. Think I need a nap.

  6. I didnt get a lot of these but do see you found my bucket list.

  7. I had about six of them I had to look up. And I still didn't Mao in the L for a while after you told me--LOL! :)


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