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(Reworked from an October, 2013 post.  I really liked the old cartoons so I left them in & added some new ones.)

maven [mey-vuh n] 
origin: Yiddish
noun: An expert or connoisseur

I am sitting at my computer in my oh, so seductive sleepwear (panties & ratty tee shirt) typing this, but I wasn’t always the fashion maven that I am today.  In the early 70’s Bud had a client, Joe, who was a member of the Friars Club.  We had three little kids & not much money.  Following are two “fashion” stories that took place in Joe’s apartment.

The first time I met Joe was when he invited us to a cocktail party at his apartment.  I had no idea of what was appropriate to wear.  I knew there would be several other couples there that I had not met.  We were to go out to dinner or somewhere afterwards--I don’t remember where.  I bought a suit & hoped I would fit in.  When we walked in, I immediately felt comfortable.  Joe was very gracious & I loved his apartment.  To give you an idea of what it was like, Joe had a wet bar.  On the wall behind the bar was a sconce of a gold-colored angel with her arms outstretched.  Hanging from one of her arms was an Italian salami.  I knew I was properly dressed when another couple arrived & the woman was wearing the exact same suit as I was, but in a different color!

On another occasion, Joe had purchased a table for a Friars Club roast & had invited us.  He did that many times, but this time it was formal.  I didn’t own anything that was remotely formal, so I had to go & buy something.  I found a beautifully simple floor length, hot pink, raw silk dress that I fell in love with.  The only problem was that even though it was on sale it cost $100.00!! (Remember this was in the 70's.)  My wedding dress probably didn’t even cost that much.  (My family never spent a lot on clothes--I was taught to look in the bargain basement first whenever I went shopping.)  I called Bud & he said to go ahead & buy it, which I did--but now I needed shoes & a purse.  I didn’t want to spend much, so I went to Kinney’s--which is probably equivalent to today’s Payless--& found silver glitter shoes & a clutch bag for under $10.00.  At the cocktail party at Joe’s before the roast, a guest told me she really liked my shoes & asked where I got them.  I burst out laughing & said, “I’d be happy to tell you, but only after you compliment me on my dress!!”

This is pretty much what my dress & shoes looked like
except my shoes were much more sparkly:

We went to visit our daughter, Nameless, while she was living in Italy.  She gave me a gift of a handbag with this logo printed all over it.
Fashion maven that I am, I had never heard of Fendi.  She asked me if I knew what the interlocking "F" logo meant.  I replied, "Obviously, Fran Fischer!"  She said, "No; fake Fendi."  It was a MUCH better imitation of a brand name purse than this:

This is an old post I wrote about my “mink” coat:


We have a friend, Theo, in Texas who used to be an accountant for an oil company.  He wasn’t wealthy, but his job gave him access to a private plane & pilot.  He invited Bud & me to join him & his wife, Lynn, on a trip to the Grand Old Opry to celebrate his 50th birthday.  He sent out the plane to pick us up in Los Angeles.  (Flying in a private plane is lovely.  It should be on everyone’s bucket list.  I love when the pilot carries my luggage to the plane & asks when we would like to take off!!)

We spent a few days in their home & then it was off to Nashville.  I was his “official” photographer & took lots of pictures of the birthday boy with the performers.  Everyone was “down home” & friendly.  It was a blast!  We then had OUR pilot fly us to New Orleans for more fun & lots of great food.  A few days there & it was time to go home.  On the private plane, of course.

We had such a marvelous time, a really nice thank you gift was in order.  I had taken my full length “mink” coat on the trip with me.  Even though this was before the days of PETA, it was not a real fur.  It was a man-made mink that looked exactly like a real one.  (Another friend had a real mink in the same color.  I put mine next to hers & you couldn’t tell where one stopped & the other started.  The color & texture were identical.) Theo had insisted on no gifts, but Lynn loved my coat so we decided to send one to her, with his permission.  He kept it a secret from his wife.

Her cleaning woman was at her house when United Parcel rang the bell.  She told Lynn that there was a package for her.  When Lynn saw who had sent it, she told the cleaning woman that she knew that it would be something nice & to sit down & watch while she opened it.  Lynn said her cleaning woman’s face almost hit the floor when she pulled out (what appeared to be) a full length mink coat!!  The woman asked her why we had sent it.  She told her we were very nice people & that we sent it because we knew she would like it--& that it was a “hostess” thank you present.  Lynn told us that the last thing she heard her cleaning woman say as she left the room was, “I wish I knew me some crazy rich people in California!!”

The new cartoons:

People who are wrapped up in themselves are always overdressed---fishducky



  1. Yes ma'am, right away ma'am, here's your comment ma'am. Love the comment policewoman!
    I don't care much for fashion, being a follower and having to buy new styles every year or every season seems ridiculous to me. Classic styles are a different matter, classic almost always looks good. Not that I can afford that either.
    I just make sure my clothes are clean, even the stuff that's so old the goodwill shop doesn't want it. I'm warm and comfortable or cool and comfortable and that's good enough for me.

  2. Ha! Love the kangaroo in cargo pants!

    1. I thought he looked good in them!!

  3. I'm not leaving a comment...I'm a bad boy.

  4. You just gave me some fashion ideas. Thanks.

  5. I was definitely boho in college, artsy-fartsy while in art school, and business casual at work, and now definitely my own style. I like getting a bargain, I stick to certain colours, and I ignore fashion for the most part.

    1. My "fashion" is whatever I feel like wearing!!

  6. Wow, somehow now a bottle of wine doesn't seem like such a good thank you gift. Dang, you set the bar high:))

  7. Fashion, schmashion.
    I don't play.
    Clean and comfortable. Or if I am in the garden grubby. And still comfortable.

  8. I had a full-length "mink." People asked all the time if it was real. I sold it on ebay when I moved to Florida. Now I regret it. I'll need it when I move to Canada because I'm sick of the U.S.


  9. That hospital gown designer needs to be disciplined!

    1. But it lets in such a nice refreshing breeze!!

  10. I have always been on the far outskirts of fashion and hated getting "dressed up". But I do like to be fully clothed and would like to have a conversation with the hospital gown lady! ;)

    1. I also like to be clothed--except for shoes!!

    2. LOL! Yes! Except for shoes! :)


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