Wednesday, August 24, 2016


It's been said that honesty is the best policy. agrees & so do I (usually).  Here are some of their suggestions for more honest animal names:


They also advocate honesty in motion picture titles.
Some of their suggestions:

The Blind Side

Marley and Me

127 Hours

King Kong

The Help

Pretty Woman

Gran Torino

Shrek the Third

I'm happy to report that there are still some individuals 
& corporations that believe in truth in advertising:



I guess she was honest:

A gentleman enters a restaurant and asks the waitress what was on special. She replied, "Today we have lobster tales for 50 cents."

He said, "I'll take a dozen!"

She told him since it was a special he would have to pay in advance which he did. Then she said, "Are you ready for your first tale?"

He assured her he couldn't wait. Then she began... "Once upon a time there was this little lobster....."

Joe DiMaggio's endorsement of Mr. Coffee in the 1970's served to boost sales of the coffeemaker and earn DiMaggio the nickname of "Mr. Coffee." DiMaggio was the spokesman and face of the electric drip coffee makers for over 20 years. Vincent Marotta, the CEO of North American Systems, which manufactured Mr. Coffee at the time, recruited DiMaggio for the advertising campaign. Despite his commercials for Mr. Coffee, Joe DiMaggio rarely drank coffee due to ulcers. However, when he did drink coffee, DiMaggio preferred Sanka instant coffee, rather than the coffee brewed by Mr. Coffee machines.

Honestly, did you think I'd forget cartoons?


Why aren't the lawyers sworn to tell the truth like all the witnesses in a jury trial?----fishducky


  1. Love the second to last cartoon. I may use that.
    And I would so love to see liar's pants spontaneously combust.

  2. I love the formal chicken :)
    and why AREN'T lawyers sworn to tell the truth? Is it just ass+u+me'd they will?

  3. While shpooing the other day I saw a plain box that said "just cake mix" an/or "just brownie mix". Thats my kind of shopping.

    1. I don't know what brand that is, but I LOVE them!!

    2. There's a new box on the shelves here that says "complete Brownie Kit", apparently the box folds out to become the baking pan which is then discarded.

  4. George Carlin nails it again.

  5. Love the "White Guilt" poster for Blindside.

  6. I would have given the guy too ugly to prostitute some money. Honesty is funny, refreshing and should be rewarded.

  7. Looks like the road to success is paved with big indentions!

  8. My favorite is "white people solve racism." I like The Help--both the book and the movie. But why does it take a white girl to get the help some help? They seem quite capable of helping themselves, based on the "chocolate" pie that Minnie bakes.


    1. I would NOT want a slice of that pie!!


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