Wednesday, October 12, 2016


(This post  is dedicated to Valthevictorian.)

Many times when something is broken a woman will ask her husband or significant other to fix it. Sometimes he will do it right away; sometimes not, but if a man says he will do it, he will.  It is not necessary to remind him every six months. (Thanks, Joe!!)  That would be nagging & may result in these examples I found in thereifixedit.com:

Clock resetting:

I hung up the wet towel to dry:

We don't need a new bathroom door:

The car is fine; that gives it character: 

But you said you wanted a rocking chair:

Snowmobile's working now:

I  hung up a key holder:

This hot tub heater works just fine:

The fan won't slide any more now:

Here's your damn front porch & yes, the door opens:

What's the problem?  She'll grow into them:

You said you wanted our mailbox to be different:

We don't need a new heater for the car:

Get in--it's safe:

I connected it:

Don't lose this basket like you did the umbrella:

I told you I'd pick you up at the market:

That should keep it dry enough:

I know there's a Paris, Texas; isn't there one in California, too?:

Don't tell me that's not right;
that's exactly how they spelled it on the wrapper:

The dryer's OK now:

Sometimes it's just too hard:

These are from dumpaday.com:

You don't need a new mixer:

I put a new side mirror on your car:


I can fix some things myself.  For instance, I saw three people jogging this morning & I got up off the sofa & closed the blinds----fishducky



  1. The autocare bill sounds about right.
    And sometimes it is too hard.

  2. These are great, thanks for the laughs! I'm pretty good at fixing stuff, minor stuff, like changing light globes, tightening screws in things like door hinges etc, I even remember how to take apart a gas hotplate and clean out the pipes, but haven't had to do that in a long while. I did manage to unblock my daughter's drains when everything she tried hadn't worked. but I could never fix a car or TV or computer.

    1. There is a limit to everyone's resourcefulness, unless you're MacGyver!!

  3. Some of these are actually things I would try being the resourceful one. hahaha.

  4. I never watched MacGyver. Maybe I should peek and see if it is on Netflix since I am always hearing about the show over the years. These were fantastic!! Thanks, Fran! :)

    1. Give it a try--I think you'd like it!!

    2. There's a modern version of McGyver just started on our TV last week, not sure I like it, but I'll give it a few more week to be sure.

  5. Love to see fixers worse than me. But that sponge dryer was actually doable and not bad.

    1. Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn SOMETIMES!!

  6. I thank God for my son, who can actually repair almost anything that needs it. Now if he were my husband, no doubt he'd lost that magical ability with the words "I do."


    1. I've found that a lot of men are allergic to marriage; that may be one of the side effects!!

    2. he's have lost
      *hangs head in shame*

  7. The side mirror! Hick broke mine off backing out of the garage, but he DID get it fixed. On the other hand, when the back hatch quit gliding open or staying there, he handed me a CRUTCH that he had used after knee surgery, and told me to use that to prop it open. It was kind of embarrassing to do that on the school parking lot.

    Also, the scissor connector and mixer? Instead of buying me a new lamp like I requested by phone while Hick was IN WALMART, he came home and gave me a pair of pliers to use for turning the broken one on and off. To grasp the little metal rod that the plastic part broke off of.


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