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This probably doesn't belong here but I loved it!!

We all know a lot about people or things that are the fastest, the best athletes, tallest, etc. on the planet, but do we know, remember or even care about those who didn't quite make it that far?  Here is a list of important (?) also rans:

Dame Barbara Cartland
Second most books published
She spent 80 years as a novelist with 722 books published, 
averaging one book released every 40 days of her career.

Second fastest growing plant
Algae are fast-growing eukaryotes. They are plantlike, but don’t possess all properties of plants. It is quite tough to distinguish one species of algae from another. They grow around 12 inches every week, and are highly toxic to human beings.

Xie Qiuping
Second longest hair
The hair of this Chinese lady is 5.627 m (18 ft 5.54 in) long.

Bugatti Veyron 16.4
Second fastest legal road car
This baby can hit 281 mph (408.47 kph).

Shanghai Tower
Second tallest building
This is only 2073 feet tall

Khalid bin Mohsen Shaari
Second heaviest man in history
A Saudi man has lost more than 700 pounds (320 kilograms) -- more than half his body weight -- since Saudi Arabia's King ordered him hospitalized. His weight was estimated at 1,345 pounds.  I do not know if this is a before or after picture.

Nerina Orton
Second smallest waist
This lady from Birmingham, UK dreams of having the smallest waist in the world. Nerina is only 22 years old and, at a 15.7-inch waist (40 cm), she is well on her way to achieving her desired size.

Morley Vernon King
Morley Vernon King was Public Enemy #2,  the second man listed on the FBI’s first Ten Most Wanted List.  He was apprehended October 31, 1951 in a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania restaurant, while shucking oysters; he was charged with unlawful flight July 18, 1947; was charged July 12, 1947 with the murder of his wife Helen, found strangled in a steamer trunk July 9, 1947 under the back porch of a room at a San Luis Obispo, California motel; he had fled from police July 8, 1947.

Lee Redmond
Second longest fingernails
Ms Redmond, of Salt Lake City, Utah, had been growing her nails for 30 years when in February this year she was involved in an accident that left her injured and without her prized assets. The 68-year-old great-grandmother had nurtured her nails to a combined length of 28ft 4in (8.65m). She currently has 4.5in (11.5cm) of nails and said she has no intention of growing them back to their full former glory.

Sra. Gravata (Photo not available)
Second highest number of live births
A Tuscan woman named Gravata gave birth to a total of 62 live children.

Cindy Jackson
Second most elective surgeries
Cindy Jackson is beautiful, but she wasn't born with her show-stopping looks. She bought them. She's had Botox, five face-lifts, breast augmentation (really?) and liposuction, and her eyes have been done – twice. In total, Jackson has had 52 cosmetic procedures.
Amancio Ortega Gaona
Second richest man in the world
Amancio Ortega Gaona  is a Spanish business magnate. He is the founder & chairman of the Inditex fashion group, best known for its chain of Zara clothing & accessories retail shops. He has a total net worth of US$74.6 billion as of August 2016.
Ortega keeps a very low profile & until 1999, no photograph of Ortega had ever been published.  He is known for his preference for a simple lifestyle. He refuses to wear a tie & typically wears a simple uniform of a blue blazer, white shirt & gray pants, none of which are Zara products.

Warren Buffet
Second richest man in the United States

Buffet takes the silver prize as second richest person in the entire U.S., cashing in at $70.2 billion. Everyone has heard of Berkshire Hathaway, Buffet's diversified holding company which continues to perform in spades.  Buffet is an incredibly generous philanthropist giving away
close to $23 billion in his lifetime.



  1. Aaaargh.
    I would be pleased not to be first in quite a number of those categories,like the nail growing and live births.

  2. Fun and educational. My favorite combination.

    1. What did you learn in blog school today?

  3. Let's hope You-Know-Who comes in second tomorrow...

  4. I like the chicken/egg joke.




    1. I like it, too & WELCOME to my blog!!

  5. The lady with the nails!! How does she survive? How does she do anything? Get dressed, make meals, wash clothes...??? I am baffled.

    1. At least it would stop any nose picking habits!!

  6. Chicken and the egg cracked me up. Sure do hope that nail lady had a bidet.

    1. ...& a cook & a laundress & a personal maid!! I wonder if she could use chopsticks?

  7. uuugh those fingernails get to me every time. There is a lady here in my town that has fingernails like that. How in the world to they keep themselves clean is my question. Just gross!

    1. I wonder how much she had to pay for a manicure? She certainly couldn't give herself one!!

  8. I'm thinking that second place is like the VP. Nobody remembers or cares about them. A lot of those photos are yucky, especially the one with first and second place winners of dates. That's a scary contest to enter, especially if you win.

    Keep us smiling, sweet lady.

    1. We went to the casbah in Morocco once. We decided that if there was a contest to win a night there, the 2nd prize would be 2 nights!!

  9. Replies
    1. He apparently tried his hand at business while in the service!!

  10. Phelps is creepy, but I like the chicken and the egg!

    We read a Science World magazine in my freshman class about a lady with the longest fingernails. There was a picture. The assignment was to write a page about which article you liked, and what it made you think about. One girl chose the fingernail lady.

    "If I lived in her neighborhood, I would break into her house overnight and WASH HER HAIR."

    1. I hope she lathered, rinsed & repeated SEVERAL times!!

  11. What's with these Jacksons and surgery? First Michael, now Cindy (*~*)
    Warren Buffet gives away money?? Do you have an address for him?
    I'm wondering about the grandma with the fingernails, even with the 11+cm she has left, how does she "wipe" without scratching herself?
    The long, long hair is impressive.

    1. Warren Buffett’s house address:
      5505 Farnam Street
      Omaha, NE 68132

      Warren Buffett’s office address:
      Berkshire Hathaway Inc.
      3555 Farnam Street
      Suite 1440
      Omaha, NE 68131

      You're welcome!!

  12. The nails creep me out.

    Janie, a proud member of Vaginas Against Trump and a Supremely Nasty Woman


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