Tuesday, January 19, 2016


(Reworked from a January, 2013 post.)

We have a friend who is quite well off, but you'd never know it to look at him.  I'll call him L.  If you ask him how he’s feeling or how business is going, his usual answer will be, “Not so bad!!” He tends to dress very casually & can be quite loud.  He was in Bijan's--an exclusive store in Beverly Hills.  It is open by appointment only.  He must have followed someone in--I doubt if he would have made an appointment.  Bijan was waiting on another customer while L was looking at a raincoat.  L apparently got tired of being ignored because he did a very typical (for him) thing.  He yelled, at the top of his lungs, across this beautiful, elegant & very quiet store, "HEY, BIJAN--HOW MUCH IS THIS RAINCOAT?"  Bijan came running over & took a look at L.  He apparently assumed that he didn't have much money.  He told him it was very expensive & that he probably couldn't afford it.  L told him that he had a house in Santa Barbara that he wasn't using & asked if he would consider a trade.  Bijan must have thought he was kidding--he may or may not have been--but he left without the raincoat.

L's late wife was president of the local chapter of a national organization.  As such, she would host a yearly luncheon for about 2,000 guests at a Beverly Hills hotel. While she was eating, depending on what she was wearing, she would wear either a silver or gold lame bib.  To me, that was the epitome of class!

Many years ago, they threw an engagement party for one of their daughters.  Their daughter & her fiancĂ© were living in London, so that's where the party was.  When they invited us, they probably didn't expect us to attend--but you can never be too sure what Bud & I will do.  We flew out of LAX on Friday, went to the party on Saturday & flew back home on Sunday!  We won "prizes" in two categories--longest distance traveled & shortest stay in London.  We're too old & decrepit to do that now, but it was sure a hoot then!

L is the first &, so far, the only "resident guest" at an upscale Beverly Hills hotel, meaning his $7 million condominium set within the hotel development comes with services & amenities beyond those available to overnight visitors. Eventually he will have to share the perks with other owners of the hotel's 20 residences, but for now, he has it all to himself: an entire wing separate from the riffraff paying $475 to $1,250 a night for a hotel room. And just like some fairy tale, his every wish is the staff's command, whether he wants a hot pastrami at 3 a.m., a chartered jet at 7 or a delivery of daisies at 8.  His money isn’t spent just on himself, though.  He & his wife made a $12,000,000 donation to a university in New York.

I guess he could do this if he wanted to:

I hope your life is "Not so bad", either!!----fishducky