Monday, February 22, 2016


I have to thank BuzzFeed & reddit.com for keeping me up to date.  I know I could use some of this fantastic stuff!!

The chair that has a notch cut into it for your bag.

This spoon that has a mark to show you where the center of gravity is.

 An arrow which will tell you if the package has been tipped over.

 Two cups you can carry in one hand.

 An ATM that lets you select the denomination of your bills.

 A place to find out if your winter coat will keep you warm 
before you buy it.

The radio that doesn’t play until your seatbelt is buckled.

These Pringle-like chips with a tab that lifts them up 
so you don’t have to put your hand in the tube.

The mirror with a heated section in the middle 
so it doesn’t steam up when showering.

The sewing kit that comes pre-threaded.

The gum that comes with a tiny set of Post-its for 
throwing it away when you’re done.

The vending machine for dogs.

The Canadian store that gives a bigger discount 
the colder it gets outside.

The Korean  station where the pumps hang from the roof,
 so it doesn’t matter which side your gas cap is on.

The school that has somewhere to lock up your skateboard.

 This mango that has a sticker that tells you the optimum color for taste.

 The USB sticks that show you how much space has been used.

And this one that’s made out of paper!

This biker’s jacket that has brake lights and indicators.

This 21st-century tie.

Messages that appear only when it rains, thanks to hydrophobic liquids.

The desks in this school that have pedals 
to encourage the children to be active.

 Mirrors with TVs in them.

The restaurant that has a button you press 
when you want the bill or the waiter.

Then there are these; which may be slightly more important:

We finally know what Pluto looks like:
There are wheelchairs that can go upstairs:
And phones that can bend every which way:
There are highlighters that take notes in real time:
Via scanmarker.com
Cooks using holograms to learn:
Via youtube.com
3D pens:
Via the3doodler.com
And printers that run line by line:
Via blog.fastcompany.com
You can make 3D prints of your unborn child:
Via plus.google.com
Prosthetics have never been better:
Via reddit.com
And everything you could ever need lives in one place now…
Via reddit.com
Augmented reality sandboxes are a thing:
Via youtube.com
Robots can solve Rubik’s cubes:
Via youtube.com
And, yes, hoverboards exist:
Via nowthisnews.tumblr.com
There’s a glass box that can tell you what the weather is outside:
Via thisiscolossal.com
Gestures can control everything:
Via myo.com
Tattoos can be removed like this:

There's apparently nothing left to invent,
so sit back & enjoy this old song:

Not sure if this fits in here but I like it:

We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works----Douglas Adams (& fishducky)