Tuesday, March 15, 2016


(We actually have this sign)

We’re not as up to date today as many of you (& your kids) are.  We do have 2” thick TV’s & computers, both of which our son sometimes has to help us with.  We have cell phones; but they’re not smart phones.  Things were different years ago when we had lots of new-fangled stuff!!

Do you remember those hand held calculators that you used before you could do math on your phones?  We had one in the early 60’s.  It cost a couple of hundred dollars then, as I remember.  It was a gift from a friend.

About the same time my husband had a client who was forming a company called “Meal a Minute” which sold meals & microwaves to cook them with to airlines.  He gave us a microwave oven before most people knew what they were.

We also got a Cuisinart when they first came out.  A friend had one & raved about it so Bud decided I should have one, too.  I told him I didn’t want it because I would feel obligated to cook fancy meals all the time.  He assured me that I wouldn’t.  He bought me one—& I didn’t!!

I think it was also in the early 60’s that we got an Admiral (as I remember) console color TV which had a Betamax recorder.  Admiral had only two of them made; they were for promotional purposes.  One was for the East Coast & we got the West Coast one through a client.  It was a hefty piece of furniture; maybe 8’ long & 2’ deep, table height & made of a beautiful wood.  It took up most of the wall across from our sofa.

Side note on the console: When we bought a new TV & video recorder we gave the console to my parents.  They lived in an apartment complex on the second floor.  The movers asked me if I wanted to buy insurance for moving the console & I said I didn’t.  Anyway, they had it almost all the way up my folks’ stairs when they lost their grip & it slid all the way to the bottom.  The very nice man apologized, smiled at me & said that it was a good thing that I had bought insurance. He allowed me to buy it then & so we were reimbursed for it.

Not all our TV’s were that big.  I believe it was in the early 70’s that the friend who had given us the calculator gave us a hand held TV with a 1” screen.  If I remember correctly, there was a magnifying screen that you could use with it if you wanted.

Bud had a ’69 Buick that talked.  I remember driving somewhere & trying to have a conversation.  Every few minutes it informed us, “Your window washer fluid is low.”  I finally replied, “Shut up, Harry!!”  I don’t think they made talking cars for much longer.

What will today's younger generation tell their children they had to do "without"?----fishducky