Monday, April 4, 2016


(I'm taking this week off from writing new posts.  This week's posts are all from 2012, but they all have new cartoons!!)

Several years ago, my husband & I took two of his young women employees (friends of mine) to southern Florida for a vacation—one of the many perks of working in his office.  We had a marvelous time.
One of the girls was a camera enthusiast so we rented a helicopter & the pilot took us up for many great pictures.  It was an odd—but fun-- feeling  when he “parked” in midair & tilted the chopper so she could get a better shot.

At the Cape Canaveral space center we toured the grounds & saw a spaceship lift off in an Imax theater (new at the time).  VERY INTERESTING & EXCITING!!

We saw a great waterskiing show at Cypress Gardens.  It was amazing to see what people could do on water skis, including building a human pyramid.

Another day we did something else I’d always wanted to do—go to the Ringling Brothers’ circus winter quarters in Sarasota.  I got my face painted like a clown.  I, of course, was the only one in my group to do that.  I think my husband would have been disappointed if I didn’t.  I figure, why not have all the fun you can while you can?  We saw the trapeze artists & many other performers do their acts.  It was like being at the circus without the huge crowds.

After our “semi-private” circus we went back to the hotel.  Those of you who are familiar with summer weather in Florida will understand when I say it was HOT & HUMID!  To put it delicately, I was sweating like a pig.  (An odd expression—I don’t think pigs sweat.)  I changed into my bathing suit as quickly as possible & headed for the comfort of the swimming pool.  I was greeted by hesitant smiles from adults & questioning--& somewhat fearful-- looks from the children there.  Several people looked at me & then left the area.  Since my brain was melting, it took me several minutes before I realized I was still wearing my clown makeup.  My husband & friends thought it would be funny if they didn’t mention that to me--& they were right!!  I probably would have left it on, anyway.  It worked out pretty well--we ended up with a semi-private pool!!

If the whole world’s a stage, where does the audience sit?----fishducky