Thursday, June 16, 2016



Newton's Cradle

Romantic movies
(This is the full 2 hour movie)

This has been my favorite movie since its release in 1957.
It still makes me cry.

Fine art

The liquid soap dispenser in the ladies' room of the Magic Castle was a small replica of Michelangelo’s “David”.
Guess which part you had to pull down
to get the creamy white liquid soap?
Hint: It wasn’t the arm.


Gourmet popcorn

Hot cars

To see the newest in clean energy cars

Funny jokes:

Poachers in Africa opened a restaurant.  Their come on was: “We make sandwiches from ANY African animal!  If we can’t make your sandwich, we’ll pay you $10,000.00!!”   Business was booming for months.  They sold sandwiches made of ground zebra, lion pot roast, leg of hippo, etc.  One day the waiter tries to place an order with the cook.  Together, they sadly go to the manager & tell him that he’s going to have to pay the $10,000.00.  He asks why & they tell him that a customer just ordered an elephant ball sandwich on rye.  He tells them that’s no problem; a new shipment of elephant balls just came in.  The cook says, “I know that!!  The problem is, we’re out of rye bread!!”

And, of course, Bud
His college graduation

Our wedding

In Paris


I finally figured out what I wanted to be when I got older--younger!!----fishducky