Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Or they would be, if I had them!!

(Portions of this post were published in 2012.)

I don't know what the temperature is where you live, but it's been hot here in Los Angeles!!  The temperatures have been very close to 90º F (32.2º C) with a lot of humidity.  Fishduckies much prefer it to be in the low 70's.  My husband likes the heat.  I remember one trip to Vegas long ago in the summer.  It was typically hot (Las Vegas is in the desert) & I couldn't find Bud.  He was not in our room, the restaurant or the casino.  I asked myself if he could possibly be crazy enough to be outside.  I got my answer when I looked by the pool.  He was there, but not in the pool.  He was in a chaise near it.  He & one other idiot were sunbathing!!

The reason I brought this up is because air conditioning is a necessity for me.  I have to explain how ours works.  We have two a/c's. One is for the family room, the master bedroom & most importantly, my studio upstairs where I compose these masterpieces.  The other is for the rest of the house, including Bud's home office.  Yesterday I had them both set at 75º.  When I came downstairs, Bud had turned off the unit that controls the temp in his office.  That made it near impossible for me to eat in the kitchen without passing out.  He said that he was comfortable.  I tried to explain (while mopping up the sweat on my face) that it was much easier for him to pit on a sweater than for me to remove my skin.  I'm not sure he completely understood so today I sent him this:

Several years ago, Bud & I took a cruise to Mexico.  The ship docked near a beautiful lagoon so the passengers could go ashore & then go swimming in the ocean.  We went to the lunchroom to grab a snack.  We were in our bathing suits & my hair was soaking wet & was plastered to my head.  Next to us was a man with his two small children who were wondering out loud if the water was too cold to swim in.  The father suggested to his kids that they ask me, because it was obvious that I had just been in the ocean.  I HADN'T GONE IN YET!!  I don't know if I was having a hot flash or if it was the weather--or a combination of both.

I think the heat is too much for some of our furry--& feathered--friends, too:

And it's not just live things 
that are affected by the heat:

First, this video & then some cartoons for you:

I hate it when I get all sweaty--it makes my feathers stick together!!----fishducky